Color Blocking 101: What & How

Alright ladies, so I’ve mentioned the term “color blocking” a few times on my blog and got a few requests for more details.  Here’s my little rundown of how to color block.  I’ll spare you all the dry history behind it and cut to the chase.

Color blocking is just that, wearing blocks of colors.  For the most part this is what we do anyways when we dress, but Spring 11 “color blocking” is an exaggerated version.  To get the color blocking look you want to go for bright and bold colors.  There are some rules to follow, however, and here they are:

LOUDER THE BETTER: If there’s never been a better time to wear loud pops of color, it’s now.  Take advantage of the opportunity to be loud for no reason and still be fabulous.

CLASHY ATTIRE ONLY:  Don’t be afraid to clash. We’re so used to the same coordinating colors but try pink and red.  Try navy and black.  If you’re hesitant, you can always stick to the old faithful complementary color wheel (see below).  That thing is fail proof.

K.I.S.S.:  Keep It Simple Sister!  This look will look best with neutral accessories.  Grey is the new neutral tone.  Grey belts, shoes, accessories will compliment your outfit nicely.

THREE’S THE CHARM: Stick to 2 or 3 colors max.  Anymore than that and you’re borderline rubik’s cube.  No bueno.  I’d go for 3.  It makes for a more interesting outfit.

If you’ve never used a color wheel before, don’t worry.  All you need to know is how to draw a line straight through the middle of the wheel from one side to the other.  This is how you identify which colors traditionally compliment each other.

So, for example, you decide that today’s the perfect day to get your color block on.  You have a the perfect pair of red (C) skinny jeans and you’re not sure what top to wear.  If you have a blue (F#) top…yes denim counts as blue…you’re in luck and this is the easy way to accomplish a color blocking look.  Throw on a some grey accessories…jacket, shoes, hardware, and you’re good to go.

Below are a few examples of very exaggerated color blocking for your enjoyment.

See, I promised it would be short and sweet.  Here are some of my color blocking experiments, here, here, here and here.  I’d love to see what you come up with!

458 thoughts on “Color Blocking 101: What & How

  1. Hi I want to wear a black and white top with a black skirt would a red flat shoe and a red necklace match ? Thanx

  2. Hi i have a daughter,she is brown and she has a good body normally she fits in everthing,i have bought a short dress,cream in colour and its sleeve less and i what her to wear with a tight,but i dont know which colour of top and tight could match the dress because i what her to look cute and unique please

  3. Hi i have a daughter,she is brown and she has a good body normally she fits in everthing,i have bought a short dress,cream in and its sleeve less and i what her to wear with a tight,but i dont know which colour of top and tight could match the dress because i what her to look cute and unique please

  4. Hi I would like to ask if what nail polish would match my outfit? I’m wearing neon yellow top, black skirt, gold wedge shoes, gold accessories (bracelet and earrings-with a hint of neon yellow). Also, is this a good combo? Thank you in advance 🙂

  5. I bought a royal blue dress for a party and decided to wear a kinda brown nude sandals with it and a nude bead necklace with a pink purse.i want your opinion on it. Is it a good choice or not?

  6. I have a short red flair gown.. Was thinking if a yellow blazer would go with it and a nude colour shoes. What do think? Thanks

  7. hi, love this so much. am wearing a knee length hot pink skirt and have a cream jacket i don’t know what to wear as an inner top, anything other than red, and what color of shoes and jewelry do you suggest thanks

  8. I am mother of the groom for wedding next year… I am wearing a fuschia colored dress with a big of gold in a half belt on the waistline… What color shoes do I wear and what accessories? TIA

  9. Hi I will b matriculating by next month and will like to wear black gown below the knee but don’t want to use red as a combo what colour do u think I could use I’m dark in complexion and fat & hippy tnx

  10. I’m wearing a olive green tank dress with a nude heel. What color blazer should I wear and what color accessories? Thank you.

    1. Hi! I am one of the primary sponsors in a wedding and will be wearing purple gown.. I wonder what color of shoes and purse can match if i will be wearing white gold dangling earrings and ring.. Thanks..

    1. Depending on the occasion, skinny jeans, a white button down shirt with silver jewelry. The key is to accessorize with jewelry and handbag. Keep your outfit (top and bottom) simple.

  11. Hi, I have a black skirt with 2 broad white stripes on either side (like color blocking). What color top and shoes should I wear? All my black tops are not the same black as in the skirt. I was think a red top? thanks for your help.

  12. Hi there, I’m going to a wedding reception next weekend and I’m wearing a burnt orange swing dress and not sure what color or style shoe to wear with it. I was thinking of teal or nude colored shoes although I would prefer teal. But in what shade? Darker or lighter for the real or nude? And what color purse? I have pics but don’t know how to attach them.

  13. Hi…. am so impressed by simplicity and promptness to answering question.
    my question… I have a peach-pink dress, and i need to attend a Bday party but dunno the shoe n cluch colour to use with it.

  14. Hi. Im having a work thing where i have to wear a smart casual outfit. I have a black leather pencil skirt and a red sleeveless, high neck top with laser cut in the hem (bottom on the top). I was thinking of wearing a black blazer to keep it proffesional (its also cold). With a black shoe that has a silver metal strip on it. Would adding black accessories be to much or should i have silver or another color? Your help would be very gratefully appreciated as im absolutely clueless. Thanks.

  15. Hi, I was wondering if I could wear a cropped navy blue pant with pale pink sleeveless top. Need your help.

  16. I have a black pinstripe jumpsuit what color shoes and clutch would look great besides red? Also i have a nude romper which color shoes(ex. teal or animal print) and clutch? Thanks!

  17. I have a navy blue dress for a wedding I’m attending this Saturday and I just recently bought a gold shimmery pumps. Would that be ok or go for another color?

  18. I am wearing a red dress with a nude shoe but I don’t know what kind of accessories to wear with

  19. I have a navy blue blazers jacket and skirt with a lilac inner but i dont know which colour of shoes will go with it

  20. I have a red shoe and a white and black pencil jeans what colour of top can i wear with it pls?

  21. Hi! I’m wearing this orange-red maxi but I’m unsure of whether I should carry a white, black or nude clutch and heels (same three colours). I was planning to get French acrylics done on my nails (hand) though I’m still unsure about what to do with my feet nails xD. Which colour do you reckon I should go with?
    Thanks xx

  22. I am wearing a pair of loose black pants and black singlet with orange jacket gold jewellery what shoes can I add.

  23. i have my tight navy blue dress please help mi get colours of shoes and jewelery that i can compliment it with. thanks

  24. Hey I have a hot pink fushia prom dress and black heels – should I get a silver or black clutch bag?

  25. Am wearin an ofwhite gown with royal blue shoe what colour of makeup should i apply NB :i mean eyeshadow

  26. I gat a wedding to attend,and am tinkin of wearing a long red gown with a royal blue hat,but i dont knw if i should use a blue shoe or a nude shoe on it,so please which colour of shoe should i go with

  27. Hey I was going to wear a baby blue dress with white mini bows on it, and I was also going to wear a white cardigan with it, but i’m not sure what color stockings i should wear with the baby blue and white look. Should i wear skin color stockings or white stockings? if not any, do you have any other suggestions?

  28. I was wondering, i have this particular dress ensemble for this up coming wedding and the colors are mixed in black and brown but wanted to do something a little bit bold for shoe and clutch. I was thinking maybe red but thought maybe too much…Starter on the color blocking scene. .Please help. ..

  29. Hi! I would like to ask your opinion. I will attend a wedding, I don’t want to buy anymore clothes. I have white jeans, long-sleeve floral pink blouse (I’d rather fold it to 3/4), nude shoes/belt, and red clutch bag (crocodile pattern). Is it just fine?

  30. Can I combine black t-shirt + denim mini skirt + black high heels with silver jewels (necklace + earrings) for clubbing?

  31. I have a black maxi high low top and I have a pair of black front ripped leggings. What color tank top I can wear under the black high low top that will make the top POP with my pewter color sandal?

  32. Pls I have a milk blazers. And a shawty blue high waste trouser buh I dnt knw weda to pair t wit pink shoe and pink bag..

  33. Hi, I have this black and white rose printed dress to go with nude heels. I wonder what color of clutch bag and fascinator should i get? Should I go for gold jewellery with that?

    1. Hi bought lime dress and shoes for beach wedding would fuchsia bag and fascinated go with and what jewelry

  34. Hey!! I’m attending my cousin’s wedding and wearing this orange maxi dress (a deep orange – red). Was just wondering for the shoes and clutch – nude or black? [I’m planning on bold eye make up – black, and like a bronzer/ nude lipstick with pink gloss for shine. Oh and I have dark brown hair with a blonde ombre if that affects it)

  35. Hi im planning on wearing a black and white chevron kimono with light blue jeggings and nude flats and a white shirt would this look right?

  36. Hi!
    I have a yellow dress and a navy blue blazer with gold buttons but I’m not sure on what colour of heels to use. Any suggestions?
    I’m using it for a formal day event.

  37. heyy..ive got a mint green and gold maxi dress..hav to go to an annual dinner at my university..i dont know what colour heels i should thinking of red or nude pencil heels…but not sure..:(

  38. Hi, i’m wearing a tight green dress that goes a bit lower than my knees, would burgundy heals match?

  39. I have a yellow and white dress and I was thinking of pairing it with orange and pink shoe.I was wondering if it would match for an awards dinner

  40. I have a black and white rose printed dress and I was wondering if silver sandal like heels with diamonties on the bottom front part of your foot. Can that go together or shall I just wear black shoes with tights or something

  41. I’m wearing gold sandles for a May wedding on beach front property , I’m going bohemian look , I have a gold purse , does it matter that my purse is just a tad brighter gold than my sandles ,

  42. what top can I pair with a purple pencil skirt??I have a white plain button-down skirt but I feel that it is too much formal. I don’t like wearing a sleeveless because i’m too skinny. Thank you very much!

  43. Hi, I’m wearing a coral dress for Vday this saturday for dinner. Can I wear a pink heels with it? I live in Chicago by the way so its winter. The dress has short sleeves plunging neck line and its a tulip style above the knee dress. Im also planning to wear a white with baby pink kimono over it. My shoes is also baby rosey pink color. Would that work? Pls advice. Thanks

    1. I would suggest a nude heel. Too much pink can give a little girl feel. Know what I mean? Be careful with the kimono. If it doesn’t sit just right it could be unflattering. Have fun!!

  44. Hello! My family is planning my grandmother an suprise party. It is semi formal. My dress is solid red with an V cut in the front and flower lace designed in the back. Will gold or ivory pumps go? Do I wear gold or pearl pendant necklace, since dress made V cut?

    Please Advise me.
    Thank you!

  45. i have a blue and beige based leopard print dress . What color boots should i wear? and if tights are worn, what color?? there are slight hints of black in dress but mostly blues.

  46. Hi! What colour/s (top, heels, bag, accessories) would you recommend to pair with a white pencil skirt for a colour block look? Ugh really need help, thanks!

  47. I have a light pink top I’m wearing with a below the knee length silver lace skirt, accessorizing it with a thin gold belt but I don’t know what shoes to get to wear with it. What type and color shoe would you recommend?

  48. Hi i have girls party coming up… i have pair of skinny jeans in black and electric blue, off white short dress blazer and pair of electric blue coat shoes ( medium heel) & clutch…..any suggestions for top to go with it? And please advice what jeans should i chose?

  49. i have a white pair of brogues was thinking of pairing it with blue jeans and a light green top(maybe a black blazer or a brown one?) what do you tink?

      1. I dont think I have any other leopard items except the shoes :(. I have a brown LV bag. Would wearing a fuschia heels be too much? Thanks for the greetings.

  50. I am going to a night out , I am wearing navy leggings and lime green long top what colour bag, shoes etc should I wear

  51. Hi. Would a red peplum top, black skinny jeans and nude pumps go well together? I have had this outfit on my head for days and can’t seem to decide if it goes well with each other or not. Plus, what color/kind of bag should I use? And accessories? So hard being a lady lol

  52. Hi 🙂 Going to one of my first ever weddings this summer, and I’m not great at coordinating outfits… I bought this dress: and I was wondering what colour and kind of shoes I should match it with. Since it’s a summer wedding, I was thinking of either going bold (hot pink?) or classy, since the dress is simple and elegant. Please help! (I’m not very experienced with makeup either, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated)

    1. Hey Elwie! Cute dress! If it’s an evening wedding I would go with a nude pump and glam makeup like a red lip. If it’s a day wedding I’d go with a strappy gold heel sandal and sunkissed makeup. Have fun!

      1. Thank you so much! It’s a day wedding. Hopefully I find some nice sandals! If not, I’ll go the nude pump route, you can find those anywhere…

  53. Hi. I have this grey leopard print sweater dress and normally like wearing it with black leggings or skinny jeans and black shoes. What color accessories should i wear with it ? And what kind ? (For casual and maybe to liven it up a bit)

  54. i have a sky blue long sequined evening dress,i’m thinking of wearing high heeled sandals.please,what colour of sandals,clutch bag and accesories can i use with the dress

  55. I have black top with silver color stripped linning on it tell me
    Which color ov denim will look good or totally Fab with it ? Should I wear it with black pant or what ? It’s one shoulder off also.

  56. Hi I just got these tan colorblock wedges the whole shoe is tan and the bottom half about an inch is all white. Can I still wear every color with this shoe, scince tan goes with almost everything. I have a lot of bright colors like mints, corals, yellows, blues, and aqua. For example can I wear with cream off white color shorts with coral or aqua shirt, or even white top?

  57. I intend wearing a burgundy knee length sleeveless gown to a dinner.can I wear a black wedge shoes; that’s the only shoes I have.what accessories and make up should I wear?

  58. I have a petrol blue skirt and plan on wearing a light cream top….I bought some “nude” shoes but they are darker than the cream top – should I be trying to match the shoes exactly to the top or just buy a clutch to match the shoes?? Thanks!!!

  59. so i was wondering, would some nude wedges, jeans, a purple top and a navy purse look good? what other color tops do you think would look good with the nude wedges and the navy purse?

  60. Hello, I’m going to a formal party and wearing long dark blue dress, is it safe to accessorize with gold high heels and clutch? i’m want to wear gold jewelery with saphire stone on it, is it safe? please help asap.

    1. Thanks for the reply, i feel better and at ease. Next time i want to wear this dark blue formal dress, is it too much to wear dark red high heels and clutch? And what sort of jewellery? (sorry, cancelled the reply by mistake)

      1. I would probably stick to a nude heel and complementary clutch. If you’re hair is pinned up do long earrings. If it’s down do studs. A simple tennis bracelet and a chunky rink. Wear a simple necklace if hair is down.

  61. I have a lovely aquamarine/electric blue velvet jacket – would burgundy tie and square go? with this – have grey bowtie and white shirt and grey brogues? Please help!!

  62. I have a blood red sweater with black skinny jeans, would gold shoes that have crystals on them look nice. What color clutch should I wear?

  63. Hi please I got a new pair of white ponty’s heels..I need help on the colors of outfit that will match perfectly with them. Thanks

  64. I am in need of HELP… I hv a green and black dress that I woukd luv to ware for my bday outing… What color shoe do I ware???? PLEASE HELP ME…

  65. Hey so nice to find this link:-):-):-):-) its my annivesary today and thinking of rocking hot with a dress that is orange, mint and black. I dont have a black shoe:-(:-(:-( mint or orange. Would a gold or very dark slate grey work and what accesories. Please help me to wow my husband tonight. Im going short and completely out of my comfort zone:-):-):-):-):-)

    1. How sweet! I would say yes to the gold shoe but make sure to add gold accessories as well whatever they may be. Stay away from colored accessories as it will take attention away from your dress. Have fun! Congratulations.

    2. Thank you so much for the tip. Will do and continue giving great advance. Somebody’s gonna have to pick his jaw up from off the ground later:-):-):-):-). Bsafe out there and thanks again.

        1. Hi im just checking back. Had so much fun:-):-):-):-) not only did i go for dinner but went ona short anniversary trip (was a surprise!) gyrll pictures was the last thing on my mindo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O Just got back yesterday:-):-):-) but no pics:-(:-(:-(:-( of the wicked get up. I will see if I can recreate the look and
          Now that I have the site will take a pic before i leave home. Xmas dinners and functions are coming up so I will try to get a pic then. Tnx again 4 all yr help. Take care

  66. Hello! I’m wearing a royal blue and fuschia color block dress. Both hues are really deep and jewel toned. What color shoes should I wear? I wasn’t impressed with pairing the dress with nude shoes.

    1. the whole dress is tapioca with gold studs on the top portion,,,, i was thinking gold shoes then i thought about making the dress pop like ornage blue? i dont know lost

        1. ok great ! thank u… if u think oif any other colors yhe dress is on bebe and on search just type feather dress… it the one with the gold on top and sje has the long earrungs also it the only one that comes in the tapioca color

  67. (for formal) wearing a black floor length dress, with a white blazer wondering if a mulberry coloured shoe will compliment ! was thinking gold jewellery too but its not certain yet please help!

      1. what makeup colour options do you recommend (if you can of course) is matching the lip with the shoe colour a good option? please and thanks

  68. There is a wedding am to attend by november and we re to wear a baby pink top and light blue trouser I was thinkin if purple or red shoes n clutch purse will
    Go. What do you think

    1. Is it mint? If so, you can go so many ways, you can do creme jacket with gold heel if it’s a formal gown. Or if its a fun spunky gown you can do a black moto jacket and boot or a funky look.

  69. I bought a sleeveless navy blue gown, bút i dont know if a pink jacket and a gold shoe will go, pls wat do you think?


    1. I would probably ditch the pink jacket. The Gold Shoe sounds great! If you MUST wear a jacket I would go with nude, creme, camel color. Then add gold jewelry to match the gold shoe.

      1. what colour can my purse be in this case were am wearing red and orange? trying to colour block without lkn lik a crown.

  70. I have a sulphur colored dress, similar to the prabal gurgung for target sulphur shoes that came out not too long ago. I was thinking of wearing royal blue or hot pink shoes like J.Lo sported. Would that clash or do you have any suggestions?

    1. First, beautiful dress! You may want to see what the bride thinks about polish. In my book, whatever the bride wants is all that matters. LOL But if you know your bride doesn’t then I’d go with a coral color. Coral is beautiful on all skin tones and I’d add a sweet baby pink lip too.

  71. I have these suede teal wedges that I wanna wear with blue skinny jeans, white tank top,black and white striped blazer, and gold accessories. Will I be able to pull this off or is it too much?

  72. I have a cute summer dress I am wearing to a wedding in the end of July. The bottom half is a teal tweed (but a light tweed) and the top half has trippy flower designs in bright colors like pink, orange, teal, purple, and yellow. What color shoes and accessories should I wear with it?

    1. I suggest a nude shoe so that all the attention is drawn to your dress. I would also do very simple metal jewelry like gold ring necklace and stud earrings. Or an amazing teal colored necklace. Don’t pile on the accessories.

      1. Thank you so much. I did end up going with a nude wedge and simple gold jewelry. The wedding is this Saturday so thanks to you I will feel confident that I made the right choices. Thanks again!!

  73. I Have A Peach & Black Pokie Dot Dress With A Belt. But The Thing Is The Problem I Have Some Black /Neon Pink Wedges. Do My Shoes. GO with My Attire?

  74. I have a Pink shoe and a black leggies and i don’t know if white crop top and a black jacket will go with it. Pls i need advise.

  75. I have grey jeans. With a yellow layering top should i wear a turqoise, lilac, or lime green cami for under the yellow for the right look?

  76. Just a question….I have a vibrant blue sleeveless shirt that I was going to pair with black capri length tights. Just wondering what colour shoes you suggest? would love to pair it with a pair of red shoes but not sure if it’s too broken up with the black tight. #HELP

    1. Is the top a shirt or a dress? I always warn friends about just making sure you have proper coverage when wearing tights. Instead of red shoes I would do nude or gold sandal. Red would be a bit of a clash! Have fun!

  77. Can you wear royal blue shirt and light grey trousers with dark gray shoes that have a bit of pink on them

  78. Hello!! I just bought a really nice sort of A-line skirt and like the top 3/4 of the skirt is a very nice and bright pink and the lower half of the skirt is a deep purple. Its pretty simple but i was wondering what color shirt, top or cardigan to wear with it.. I was thinking a navy blue blazer or something.. would it look ok?

    1. If you want to make this a summery look, I’d suggest adding a nude or white tube top and a cardigan around your shoulders to match the top part of the skirt. If you are looking to be more covered up, I’d say a white crew neck tee the kind that are pretty tight fitted. The navy would clash because it competes with the purple at the bottom of the skirt.

  79. HI,

    I have some black and white vertical striped pants that I am wearing with a casual linen white blouse. I want to dress that up with a blazer and pumps. I am dark brown skin, what color should I wear to make this pop? Please help me. Thanks so much.

  80. I have a fashion show in 2days time and the dress code is touch of purple or pink and I have got a pink tube dress bt confused of d shoe 2 wear n accessories pls I need your suggestion…

  81. I have a black, grey, and white stripped shirt can I wear a pair of bright green jeans, black wedges, a black blazer with the shirt.

  82. I’ve an abstract black and white clutch. Just wondering what I can wear with it. I’ve been trying the color blocking but black and white always throws me off.

    1. Since it’s summer, I would go with a monochromatic outfit. So, maybe tones of coral and pink. You can also do all denim. Of course a cute solid cocktail dress would work too. I think you can pretty much getaway with anything solid colored.

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  84. I really don’t know if I can pair my strappped beige wedge shoes with an aqua blue tube wedding dress.. It’s a long dress but it wont hide my feet once i wear shoes.. Is it okay i use my wedges? Thos are my only pair of nice shoes help

  85. i have a peplum top that’s white and’s white at the front and black lace at the back. i’m wondering what colour skinny jeans i can wear besides gray or black. i was thinking red or baby pink. if you have any ideas,please let me know as i’ve to wear it tonight

  86. i bought a mustard hort dress and i dont know ahat clour of shoe and hadbag to wear. Please help

  87. I have a orange shirt with a cheetah print skirt and some orange pink and cream colorblock shoes…does that seem ok together?

      1. Hi, i just stumbled into this site, great work! i recent;y got these skirts i am wondering what colours of tops, shoes and bags that could be worn with them. I am thinking navy blue boyfriend jacket with the first one. Really love them and would want to ”rock” them well. lol! thanks

        1. LOVELY SKIRTS! Yes a navy blazer would be perfect with that first skirt. Add a touch of leopard for flare and gold for your finishing touches. With the second skirt, you should build the outfit around it. You can do a navy with white horizontal striped shirt with espadrilles wedge.

  88. I love this post. I have a orange black and beige blocked skirt. What color top and shoes do you suggest. I tempted to wear a cream top with orange shoes but that’s too matchbox. Help lol

  89. Alright soo I’m planning on wearing a white sheer top with black leggings and a pair of nude heels, although I am a little hesitant on whether there would be a color clash between the white and the nude. Should I just wear black heeled ankle boots or would the nude heels match? Your advice would be greatly apprecited! ^^

  90. I going to hair fashion show sunday. Need advice. I have this hot pink blazer and fushsia wedge. I was go wear white shirt and white skinny jean. Do these go together? Please Adivse Me. Thank you

  91. i have a bronze bell skirt and have paired it with a emerald green chiffon shirt , i have no idea what shoes or jacket to wear with it though i was thinking about my chestnut chelsea boots but i’m not sure and im really struggling with a jacket please help i want to wear these tomorrow 😦 xo

      1. You can do a few things 1. leopard print shoe, 2. a gold shoe with hold jewelry, 3. A stiletto pointy tie black pump or 4. black opaque stockings with below the need tall black boots, short black booties

  92. Okay so I have this white blouse and black skirt. I have coral colored heels. The skirt is sort of short so could I wear black tights or leggings with it? Please answer by tomorrow morning!!!!!!!

  93. Hi! I just bought a black dress and have these amazing purple/blue coloured peep toes heels I want to wear with it and I was thinking maybe bright pink nails and maroon/red coloured clutch. Do you think that will work or should I go for the coloured nails and black clutch and a colour in the accessories? Too many choices! Need help 🙂

  94. I bought a basic straight above the knee dress in raw silk. The dress is orange with a coppery shine. I would like to wear a bold necklace in either emerald green or some type of bright dark blue and dangling earrings, since I have super short black hair. What do you think? Also would nude shoes and clutch work?

      1. Oh I see! Cute! The dress speaks for itself. Here’s an option. Go with a black heel either platform black round toe stiletto with black opaque stockings, add a black fitted blazer, gold skinny belt, and understated gold necklace and earrings and red lip and nails. [stockings will make you look not at tall]

  95. H! I would like to ask, is it okay to pair my silver gray g0wn wd a t0uch of mar0oN with a blaCk sh0es and cluTch bAg?. Thank YOu

  96. Hey..I have just bought a yellow dress and I was wondering what color of shoe and clutch purse will work to create a great color blocked outfit?

  97. Hi, I have a pair of bright red jeans and a pale pink jumper, would they look weird together? The shades are almost exactly the same as the red and pink trousers in the last two photos!

  98. Help! I am going to a pinning ceremony. I just bought a red blazer jacket and it has a touch of black by the button side. How do I color block it?

  99. HELP! I have a orange, white and navy blue colour block chiffon dress, what colour shoes should I wear with it. I’m not all that brave when it comes to clashing colours so i have no idea.

  100. Hello,I have a black dinner dress,and a baby blue blazer and also black suede ankle boots,with a yellowish Orange Scarf…wat do you think???will it look nice??

  101. i have a plain white v-neck t-shirt…combining it with navy blue sweater (with buttons). please tell me will this go with orange balerinas ? (bright orange)

  102. Hello again,
    I have a coral/pinkish dress that I want to wear to a cocktail party the night before a beach wedding and I was thinking about a turquiose bubble necklace. Would you suggest something else? Also, you recommended nude heels for a blue dress I am wearing to the wedding, do you think I could get away with wearing those heels with this pink dress? I need to save space in my bag because we are traveling around Mexico for 2 weeks before the actual wedding. What do you think??

  103. hi i have a dark reddish-maroonish coloured overcoat. i am clueless about what coloured shoes preferably heels should i wear? Also should i wear a pair of black skinny jeans with it or something else?

  104. Hi. I have a bright blue, almost turquoise shoe. It’s hard to match so I figured that I would try color blocking. Do you have any suggestions on jeans (colorful or regular blue jeans) and top, whether it’s a shirt or something with a blazer.thanks

  105. Hello i have a red high waisted pencil skirt and a pink loose chiffon top, do u think i can wear then together? And what shoes would go with it?

  106. I have a blue dress and I was going to wear a orange bubble necklace. Is that good? and what color shoes should I wear?

  107. Helloo i have a short solid turquoise and blue dress and i am thinking of wearing some pink and black heels?? what do you think? and i need help with accessories please!

  108. I have a problem to I have a black skirt and black blazer and a white shirt and or leopard shirt but I don’t wanna wear the plain white or black shoe any suggestions

  109. Hi I have a black and white block dress. I wanted to wear a blazer with a pop of color cause i think wearing a black blazer would be too plain. pls help me.

    1. I agree! A black blazer would be plain. I’d add a bright blue blazer and gold accessories, a red lip, high bun, black pointy stiletto heels or black strappy heels, red nails, a small blue clutch!

  110. i have a long red dress for prom. my heels are blue and have a gold backing. what accesorie colours should i stick to??? PLEASE HELP!!!

      1. Thank You So much! I was thinking of buying a statement necklace that was blue and orange, with a few gold accents. What do You think? Yay or nay?

          1. Thank you Thank you So MUCH! I really appreciate your input, and i really love your sense of style!
            Thanks so much 🙂

  111. I have an army green maxi skirt wit a brown high waisted belt attached 2 it. Tinkin wearin a dark sharp pink and a white blazer on it. Wat do u tink? And wat accessories will go? Pls rply asap!

  112. hi! i have a flowy gray skirt i dont know what top should i wear and also the accessories and shoes. im clueless how to color block with gray. please help me. Thank you! 🙂

  113. Hi! So I just bought a dress that is fuchsia on top with a red bottom. I’m clueless as to what color shoes and accessories to wear with it! If you could help me that would be AWESOME! Thanks 🙂

  114. I have a check shirt, the under colour is a dark pink with blue, green and purple chack. I really don’t no what colour shorts i should wear with them?

  115. Hi, I have an aqua blue (baby blue) dress that I’m planning on wearing to a wedding. What colour shoes/accessories – I was thinking pink or royal blue?
    But it will be formal event….

  116. Hi ok so I have a pair of color blocked shoes they are platforms. They are orange, red, blue and black. I as thinking about putting them on with a black mini dress…would that work? And if yes how should I accesorize?

  117. hello, i bought a royal blue hi low see thru top and i was wondering what color shoes and bottoms should i pair them with, im so used to wearing blk and dont know what to wear..ur help would be appreciated. thanks

  118. Hi i would like to know like what kind of blue would look nice with gold and red is for like a hollywood party for my sister and her fav color is blue but we dont know what blue looks nice with red and gold… can you please help us?

  119. Hi I just bought some wedge heels and the are majority pink (fuchsia) with blue black and orange straps with gold buckles I was wonder what would I wear with that?

  120. Hello I am going to a fashion show and I want to to try this whole color blocking idea. I went out and bought a coral color high low chiffon blouse and a royal blue shirt. My only problem is what color shoes should i wear with this outfit. I know nude shoes will look good but i want other options as well please help thank you!

    1. Hey Georgia! I assume you mean a royal blue skirt. First, those are GREAT colors against each other. Honestly, the nude heel would be best. You don’t want to add too much because then the outfit will look forced and contrived. I would suggest gold jewelry or if you have stones that are also royal blue go with that, but I do think the nude shoes would be best! Good luck and have fun!

  121. Hey,I’m a fourteen year old girl who’s had a past with dark colors.But this summer I wanna brighten up.I have a pair of ripped and studded red shorts and a white shirt that has a flower that’s yellow,orange,and magenta-ish red.Would that look right and what kind of jewelery and shoes would go great with it?Thanks!

    1. It would really depend on your style and the style of the items you already have. If they’re ripped and studded shorts that you could see someone like Kate Bosworth wearing, then you would probably want to pair them with a pair of white converse tennis shoes, your tee, a cross body bag, sunnies and a fedora. You may want to google search Kate Bosworth and Nicole Ritchie. I bet you’ll find some ideas there as well.

  122. I need help please 🙂 I have a big occasion coming up. I am going to wear a dark purple one shoulder, beaded wasteline dress. I want to know what color shoes should I wear with it. I wore it once with silver, but I think It’s too safe. I want it to be edgy but at the same time classy. Would the highlighter yellow work or should I go for a nude rhinestone shoe?


    1. Hello!

      I suggest nude or white strappy or closed-toe platform heels. The belt should be white to match shoes or pink to match dots. The clutch should be same color as shoes.

      Have fun!

  124. hey i have a aqua green dress a little darker to E shade color you have above. i don’t know what shoes to wear…..neither the color nor type. please help!

      1. If the dress is skimpy, I suggest a true-to-you-nude strappy heel with 1 other bright color like a coral colored clutch and necklace. You can also do the nude heel and all gold accessories.

  125. I need help on blocking colors I really don’t know how to do it. But I like it when I see people block.

  126. To start off I’m a guy, but I’m trying to go against the usual color blocking scheme. I have an outfit but I’m not sure if it’s too much. Red shoes with khaki jeans, a white under tee with a navy blue pull over that has red print on it, an olive jacket over that and a red and khaki corduroy hat to top it off. Any suggestions to better the outfit?

  127. Hi. So I got a problem. I have a casual event coming up. And all I got is a royal blue hight wasted shorts that I really want to wear. But its winter where I am. Any help?? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi,i have a short black dress and a colour block shoes with (pink,red and a touch of orange)i don’t know how to to pull it off especially what accessories to use,help me out with how to make me stand,really want to look nice for my outing,pleasee??thanks …

    2. Hope I’m not too late. Try pairing this with kelly green. You can always pair with black opaque stockings underneath, a blacktop and black blazer and black riding boots.

  128. Ok.. I have a pair of color block wedge heels that are a bright orange, navy blue, beige, & brown. What type of outfit could I pair with these shoes & what color & accessories?

  129. i got really cute green shorts but i dont know a good top that would go with it?! what color tops go well with a strong green?

    1. That’s such a great color! Any black and white top would be perfect! A royal blue would be cute too. Even if you did and identical green solid top for the jumper effect that would be super cute cuz then you could finish it off with some really fun accessories! Have fun!

    2. How about a bright bold orange top. You can rock a pair of flat python print sandals or you can do that flats try the Boutique 9 Shoes, Georgetta Wedge Mules
      at same beige colored bangles and necklace.

    1. You can do SO much with royal blue! You can do white for a more formal look. Neon yellow would be super cute and stand out. Pink would be cute too. You could even stick with black.

  130. please help mee !
    so I’m wearing a royal blue dress with a white blazer and red shoes ? well not exactly shoes but you know what i mean. Do you think that would go ?

    1. Totally especially with the holiday. Sounds like this is more of a dressy look so I would do a topknot bun, red lip and nails and would do some nice silver or pewter jewelry. I’d also throw a clutch in with it. The clutch should be any of those 3 colors but solid not print or even go with a metallic clutch to match your jewelry. Have fun!

  131. I just brought a turquois and black dress from urban outfitters and I am trying to achieve the color block look. What color shoes would help me pull off this look?

    1. G C# or Bb a color similar to those:) and or if u dont like any of those ones or cant find any a color like F would work to 🙂 hope this helps!!!

  132. I love wat you r doin plz do keep it up. I ve a red short dress 2 wear 4 a wedding. Dnt knw wat color of shoes 2 wear. I dnt want 2 wear black or gold.

  133. hi,
    tinking of wearing a black dress, with a grey blazer, however i dont know what colour of shoes to wear. Thank you.

  134. I have the jessica simpson bendie in blue violet!!! WHAT DO I WEAR??? should i incorporate each color in the outfit or what??? turquoise leggings pink blazer blue tank??? how do i do it?

  135. I love how you color block 🙂 🙂 I’m new to color blocking and if you could please help me with a new ideas of colors that would go with a Grey bandage dress :):) I was thinking maybe a bright red blazer with maybe Royal or bright blue heels :):) what do you think?
    I hope you reply

    1. The grey bandage dress alone sounds GORGE! Is it a dark grey or a lighter grey? If it’s a light grey I think you can get away with a red blazer beautifully. I would probably pair it with matching red heels and then a cute clutch…maybe in neon yellow!!! If it’s a dark grey, the blue heels would match, but you’d probably also want to do a matching blue jacket of some sort like a moto/racer jacket or a cropped jacket. Then you can throw in a random clutch in the purple or navy family. There’s my 2 cents!

  136. Hi fashionista,

    Im going to a part and decided that Im taking up color blocking and I would like your opinion on these (outfit) colors: yellow shorts, turquoise or purple top, thin hot red belt, and neutral brown wedges, topping it off with a beige and bronze bangle set

    Would this be proper for color blocking?


    1. First, I’m honored that you’d ask my opinion. Thank you! I think you’ve pulled together some great ideas. I guess I would ask what kind of yellow are the shorts {loud, muted, green-yellow, orange-yellow, neon-yellow or true banana yellow}. If they’re a vibrant yellow, I would probably lean toward making them your statement piece and dressing around them in a dark color like black (black top and shoes). If they’re a more subtle banana yellow, I would lean toward the turquoise top and depending on how close to your skin tone the shoes and bangles are, I would decide to keep the belt or not. If the shoes and bangles are very close to your skin tone, so much that they almost disappear, I’d go for the belt. If they’re a neutral, but not YOUR neutral {if you know what I mean} then I would ditch the belt and go for one that matches the shoes and bangle. I hope this helps. Have fun at your shindig!

  137. I love this post because I learned something new today…thank you. I love the mix and matching of the colors because they all blend so well. I also saw your photo shoot and your pictures came out so beautiful and those steve madden heels were off the gorgeous.

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  139. I tweeted your post to Crystal Streets. She was talking about color blocking and I liked your post.
    I hope that was okay!

  140. Thank you so much for this post. I usually keep it very basic in terms of colors, but have been buying bright colors recently with intentions to try color blocking. The color wheel is awesome!

  141. I grew up doing this but never knew the term. Moms would always dress us in nice colors. She felt like kids shouldn’t be in dark shades but more vibrant looks. This has stuck with me. I love florals and bright colors. I must admit it wasn’t until recently when I began reading fashion blogs that I walked out of my element and begin mixing colors. I live in South Florida so I can be vibrant 24/7 which is a major plus.

    1. Gotta love moms! Our moms were on the same wave length although I mostly wore hand-me-downs. Did I mention I don’t have any sisters. I had some pretty funny outfits. LOL Florida is the heart of wear-whatever-you-want-because-it’s-sunny-365-days-a-year! Go for color, girl!

  142. Yay Color-blocking!!! I just did a post on this and I’m uber excited to try… I’m looking forward to wearing “clashing” colors with a white or tan or other neutral thrown in there… and I wanna accent with a metallic… like gold, or silver, or copper. I’m super excited now… lol. Thanks for the post!

    Check it out! Gucci GOT IT SO RIGHT…

  143. Yay!! I just did a post on color blocking and I am soOo0o excited to try it… lol. I wanna wear it by wearing two “clashing” colors and a white, or a tan, or some other neutral… and make it pop with some metallics… like gold, or silver, or copper… Am I way to excited? Okay, I’ll stop now. lol

    Check it out!

  144. Ok, I am new to this fashion with color thing- meaning- I was always the matchy matchy type. I am trying sooo hard to get out of that. I get so confused with what shoes/stockings/knee hi’s to wear with outfit. I live on the east coast and yes it gets cold. I am NOT the one to be wearing nothing (stockings/knee hi’s) with my shoes. So, in the above ex… red skinny’s, denium shirt & grey shoes- what in the world color stockings/knee hi’s to wear? I am darkskin and really don’t like the nude look on my skin tone. Should your belt, shoe and legwear match?

    1. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with matchy-matchy! If that’s what you’re feeling, then matchy-matchy to your heart’s content! LOL Little known fact, I was I’m a former matchy-matchy queen myself. 🙂 With color blocking, I always suggest grounding your outfit with neutrals whether it be nudes, tans, blacks, greys (I prefer grey). Pretty much, as long as you match your neutral shoes, stockings or knee-highs to another piece (ie. necklace, hat, purse, scarf) you’re good to go. Just keep it to 3 of the bolder colors. You don’t want to look like a pack of skittles. Although who doesn’t love Skittles. LOL You know it’s kinda sad that fashion’s nude is so not OUR nude. I dont wear nudes often for the reason. Anyways, that’s a whole other topic. Greys and camel browns work well as neutrals. In the winter you might even want to rock some fun stockings/leggings (ie. red, pink, orange, yellow, merlot) under an all black or all chocolate brown outfit (skirt, top and heels). Then you can add pops of that same stocking/legging color throughout your outfit (nails color, purse, earrings). What do you think?

      1. Should your belt show and legwear match, hmmm….not necessarily. It depends on the look you’re pulling off. If you are doing a monochromatic look where your outfit is tonal (tonal: the colors you’re wearing are in the same color family but different shades ie. violet, purple, lavendar, etc.) yes, you can definitely pull off non-“matching” accessories. Also, a lot of the boho/hippie looks are non-matchy. I often where my Hub’s belt with shoes that don’t match, but I just like the contrast.

  145. Look at you, gettin all scientificky/Bill Nye the Science Guy with the color blocking. Got a color pie chart and errthang1 LOL!!!

    Seriously. Great post.

      1. Ok I want to learn to color block I have a a black skirt and black blazer and white blouse but I don’t wanna wear a white or black shoes

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