for the occasion…R O Y A L B L U E S H O E S

(click on the picture to see where to find the shoes and dresses!)

One of you cute girls, Joselin, left a comment on my Color Blocking 101: What and How post wondering what dress to wear with a royal blue heel.  I love getting these kinds of comments.  I hope you like my suggestion!  P.S.  I don’t know why I love spelling occasion wrong, but I do. 


10 thoughts on “for the occasion…R O Y A L B L U E S H O E S

  1. Love your work. U have helped me a lot. Am saying a big thank U 2 u. Need your help. Have got a black short gown, and a silver wedge shoes. Am thinking of using a pink accessories(belt,earring e.t.c) would it be ok. Would love you to suggest other colors too. The occasion is a costume party. And the idea is to dress as a barbie doll. Need reply ASAP. Thanks U the best.

    1. Hey Braxielala! Really if you’re wearing a costume anything goes. I like what you have so far. The black dress with pink belt is great. I would add a pink lip and exaggerated smokey eye. Since your shoes are silver, I would stick with silver accessories, necklace, bracelets and ring. The only other pink item that I might throw in there is a pink clutch! Unless you’re going for an over the top Barbie costume I would say this will work great for you! I hope this helps.

  2. Don’t worry Leslie, we forgive you. It’s the pregnancy 😉
    I would definitely pair the blue heels with the yellow and white dress. Great choices!

  3. Hello!! I ABSOLUTELY love your blog. And I love your style and passion for fashion. I am plus sized (size 14/16) and I have the hardest time finding fashionable clothes on my size. I was wondering if you knew of any online stores/sites that appeal to my size. Any suggestion will help! Thanks in advance!!

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