Tis Better…



sunnies: 99 store | necklace: mimiboutique.com | ring: Target | coat: random | turtle: old | jeans: Salt Works | belt: borrowed from a jumper I can't fit | shoes: H&M


I’ve been trying to finish reading Eat, Pray, Love for the past…oh…year or so.  It’s not that it’s not a great book, I just don’t every have a solid day to dedicate to doing absolutely nothing.  The days that I do have “off” I usually fill them with blog homework or cleaning or thrifting or something.  Anyways, the day I picked up the book and began reading, I fell in love with Gilbert’s writing style.  It’s so fluid and the thoughts she so creatively articulates seem like they are pulled right out of my head.  It’s like I’m thinking exactly what she’s saying but could never put it as well as she does.  Anyways, I’m still on “Eat”, which is the first section of the book where she is finding happiness in the experience of food.  I think we all can relate to that.  I for one, can.  I love food.  I’m almost ashamed to admit that I think about dinner daily around noonish, sometimes while I’m eating lunch.  Have you ever been out dining at a restaurant but thinking about eating somewhere else?  I ought to be ashamed.

So, again, I’m not satisfied with how these pictures came out.  I was playing with my camera yesterday and messed up the settings. What am I going to do with myself?  Don’t answer that.  I’ll figure this camera out one of these days.

Okay, okay so I know you’re saying to yourself what are those jeans she’s got on?  Well, they’re highwaisted jeans by Salt Works and I loved them when I tried them on but now I kinda hate them.  Lesson learned, I’m not a highwaisted jeans kinda girl.  What’s even funnier is the story that finally made me arrive to this conclusion.  I changed Julia’s diaper and pulled her pants up a little too high.  Jonathan says, “Why do you and Juju both have your pants up so high?”  I told him I was wearing highwaisted jeans.  He proceeded to very sweetly tell me how unflattering they are on the derrier which I have to say, I agree.  Wait, before you throw him under the bus, he and I have an agreement not to spare feelings when it comes to fashion.  LOL  Seriously, after an episode where he let me go out in public looking a complete mess, I made him tell me whenever he disagrees with what I’m wearing.

By the way, thanks to all of you who left me a kind comment the other day on my Proud post from yesterday.  It was fun to see gobs of encouragement from someone other than the usual ol’ me.  I’m his biggest cheerleader so I think he comes to expect my cheers.  So, thanks again, friends!


27 thoughts on “Tis Better…

  1. I agree with Prissy. I was thinking how flii you looked but the truth is if you don’t like them, it on then it won’t work. You’ll feel uncomfortable. Hate when I do that and then I’m too lazy to return the item. Shucks….

    Try reading on your iPhone. I was having the same issue finishing books but now I’m a Kindle owner and I can read anywhere plus my textbooks are cheaper. Random I know 🙂

  2. While they look good on you, I have to say that it’s the one thing I wouldn’t attempt wearing, plus I’m short so imagine the disaster. I think about food constantly, not because I love to eat. It’s the mommy in us, planning our next meal. My son (4 yrs) never misses the opportunity to let me know whether it’s “gorgeous” or “I don’t like that mommy”… Lol

    1. Highwaisties are so tricky! I really think you just have to have the right shape for them. I’ve tried them in the past and didn’t like them. I tried these and still don’t like them. I can take a hint. I love your son. It’s so funny how they will just tell you the honest to goodness truth! LOL

  3. Well, I can’t see your derrier… But I think those jeans look fabulous! lol.. Before I even read the post, I peeped the caption on the picture so I could google those jeans! lol… i need them.

  4. Eat, Pray, Love…read it loved it saw the movie and was soooo disappointed. This is not just because I am an English teacher and always believe the book is better (it usually is) But like you said the fluidity of her writing, the converstaions she has with the reader…I fell in love with it. That dang movie though let me down and I got it as a gift for Christmas because I raved so about the book. I like those jeans (stop tripping LOL)

  5. I often think abt my next meal while eating my current one! LOL. I enjoy a good highwaisted trouser! I loved eat/pray/love the book. the movie? waste of 2.5 hrs!!! ugh!!

    1. I keep hearing the movie wasn’t so good. That’s disappointing especially since Julia Roberts was the star (right?) I’m thinking of food now. I’d love a super cheesy wet burrito right about now with an orange bang. LOL

  6. I can’t imagine those pants not looking good on you from the back. They look very nice from the front view AND you have such a cute figure… I don’t understand it. Again though, another really great outfit. You look so sophisticated and straight out of a movie. 😉

  7. You have such a way of putting outfits together. You may think that it’s wrong, but it fits you perfectly. I absolutely love your pictures/poses.

    1. Awww…thanks Adia! Believe it or not, I take probably about 40 pictures each time I put up a post so there are tons of outtakes that I weed out. LOL You should see some of my goofy poses. LOL

  8. and…. I forgot to mention, I wear them with a jacket always. Love the look from the front, hate the look from the back. LOL!!! So, I totally understand where you were coming from on the derriere comment.

  9. I don’t think the jeans are too high at all, especially not compared to what were considered highwaisted the last time the trend was hot (yes, I know, I’m showing my age, lol). I think pants have been soooo low for the last few years folks have a skewed view of what a high waist really is. Anyhoo, I love these jeans and they’re not available on their site so if you still hate them, please post them for sale!

    1. I’m thinking I might put them up for sale. I can’t see myself wearing them again…even though I’ve only worn them once. Hate when that happens. I usually wear 28/29 in 7 jeans and these are roomy. They’re probably similar to a 30 in 7 jeans…to give you an idea. If you think they’d work for you let me know.

      1. I’ve never worn Sevens. I do wear a 30 in Joes jeans. Maybe I should try to find this brand in a store to try on for sizing.

  10. Before I read the post, I was thinking WOW those jeans look really good on her. I dont think they’re unflattering at all, but you know what you like & what you dont like. Wish I could fit them, I’d surely take them off your hands!! LOL


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