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Make People LOVE Your Business by Olyvia

Let’s face it, we are all in the business of delighting our customers.  Some of us are literally standing behind a counter with a perma-smile, while others of us are putting reader-friendly words on paper.  For me, you are my customer.  I want my readers to want to come back again and again to see what nonsense I’m sharing.  I want you to read words that mean something to you and see images that are pleasing to you.  In my other business, Bloggers Like Me, my customer is the women in the community.  While I don’t attach a $ to each of their foreheads, I do look at each member on an individual level.  I want every girl in the community to feel valued, respected and legitimate.  I know those are lofty goals, especially the “legit” one because we all have our insecurities no matter who pours into our lives, but something in me says that doesn’t mean I should quit trying.

I wanted to share this cool list of things you can do to make people love your business from Olyvia.co. It was one of those random things I came across on Pinterest. As I read down the list I was like, yup, uh-huh, yes…so, of course, I had to share.


How To Create a Killer Mini-eCourse! – byRegina

So, there’s this girl.  Her name’s Regina and she’s my hero!  Let me explain. Aside from my favorite style bloggers, my blog subscription list is short.  I have a couple of pretty amazing inspirational blogs I follow like my buddy Seth and my long time favorite, LifeHack, which pretty much rules…BUT Regina…she’s in a league of her own.

Regina is the author of ByRegina.com and she creates UH-MAZING content for business owners, bloggers and freelancers.  Visit her…like NOW!

That brings me to the point of this post, well HER post.  It’s a FREE DOWNLOAD giving you everything you need to create a mini-course.  All you need is a teachable idea.  Truly, this is a must read so scurry along and read!


Best Blog Posts of March

I am in love with blog lurking.  I confess that I don’t comment as frequently as I should, but let me explain.  I Am very VERY visual.  I blame it on the fact that when I do get 5 minutes to blog surf, I get “surf-guilt”.  I’m tormented by the thoughts in my head saying, “Isn’t there a load that needs to be washed, a toilet that needs scrubbed or a floor to be swept?”  I even get surf-guilt when I’m riding in the passenger side because I feel like I should be asking someone about their day.  For all these reasons I think my mind subconsciously deflates my reading tolerance to zero.  Like an infant, if it glitters and sparkles, I want more.  Anyway, here are some of my recent favorite blog posts of March(okay and a few from February).

















Getting Your Little Girl the Perfect Gift

Little girls seem to like many different things. There are numerous commercials that seem to get little girls’ attentions; however, it can be difficult to gauge whether the items are worth getting. Also, it can seem difficult to discern whether something would be truly liked. There are a few things that virtually any little girl will like. When considering which items to get a little girl, consider these.

Most girls like to get shoes. Many shoes seem like they can only be worn for special occasions, but there are two types of shoes that are most versatile because they can be worn with almost everything and at almost any type of the year. Between these two options, a little girl’s feet will be well cared for. For instance, sandals present wonderful foot wear for the warmer months in the year. Boots present an excellent option for the colder months of the year. Both can be worn with jeans, skirts, certain dresses, leggings or shorts. Create any style imaginable. Girls love boots. For instance, little girls like boots like Kids’ UGG Boots.

Little girls like makeup and other accessories. Although it may be improper to give a little girl red lipstick, little girls still like the idea of having lip gloss or lip balm to put on their lips. Soft colors can be used for eyeshadow or blush too. Little girls like to receive nail kits too. Some kits provide fake nails that can be adhered to natural nails. Other kits include various colored nail polishes to paint neverending creations. In the past few years, nail art has reached all new heights. Nail kits help to recreate these looks in an easy way. A little girl will have weeks of fun with a nail kit.

Little girls love crafting supplies. To be more specific, getting a little girl a beading kit serves as a wonderful gift. A little girl could make herself jewelry with a beading kit, but she can also make presents for her friends and family members. Beading kits also help expand a little girl’s creativity.

Getting gifts for a little girl is not hard. Consider what is most useful. Little girls typically enjoy making things. There are numerous kits that can assist in making different crafts. Clothing is also highly appreciated. Accessories are other items that little girls like. Stay within these suggestions when shopping for a little girl and she will be happy.


How to Wear…PLAID

Untitled #77

Look No Further…Here’s how to wear plaid!

Plaid is everywhere, but how you style it is what makes your outfit.  My favorite is look one where the plaid shirt is styled as a wrap-around with all black.  Can you say…super simple.  Here are some looks for you to try.  Here’s my attempt to style a plaid shirt.

Recreate these looks on the cheap with the items I found below:













Have fun!

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Julep Moisturizing Lip Crayon

How Plush is Your Pout?  Is it Julep-Moisturizing-Lip-Crayon Plush?

Plush Pout Lip Crayon

Plush Pout is a NEW full-coverage lip crayon that provides rich color and ultra-hydration with a unique visible treatment core built into the middle.  Order Plush Pout and get a free Julep Lip Gloss in Polished (a $20 value!).

To get your free gift, add a Plush Pout Lip Crayon in the color of your choice and Julep Lip Gloss in Polished to your shopping bag and use code PERFECTPOUT at checkout. Offer ends January 31, 2015.

Jane Park, Creator/CEO at Julep, talks about this ultra-hydrating customer favorite: “Go ahead and reapply as often as you want – putting on rich lip color has never felt so good. The color is so rich and gorgeous, but the formula is incredibly light and hydrating. Plush Pout makes me look forward to reapplying lip color, and I can do it as often as I want without worrying about it feeling cakey.”

Here’s what other customers are saying:

Will be buying more of these!

Got this in my latest Maven box and fell in love after one use. I will definitely be buying additional colors.


Cardinal Red is AMAZING!!!

I’ve gotten many compliments on the color and how great it looks on me from just about every female friend who’s seen me wear it. This is one of my favorite purchases in a very, very long time, from ANY brand!


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.


Black Blazer 2 Ways

how to style a black blazaer


The 10 Minute Workout Even I Can Do!

If I ever tell you that I enjoy working out, please know that I’m lying through my teeth.  I abhor working out.  Now, the euphoric feeling after working out…I love that.  It’s the whole process of actually working out that I don’t like.

Since I’m no spring chicken and gravity is becoming my arch nemesis day by day, I decided I really need to do something to “get my life” {do people still say that?}.  So, thanks to Pinterest, I found a routine that anyone, and I mean ANYONE can do.  It’s a 10 minute routine so, no, you’re not going to look like Beyonce in a week, but if you stick to it and of course eat right…yadda…you can come close…perhaps…maybe.  Let’s get on with it.


You can actually stop what you’re doing now and do this workout.  If you really put effort into it, you’ll get a good sweat.  I typically repeat this set 4 times, which for me equals 10-15 minutes.  Give it a shot.