Billion Dollar Brows {Sponsored Post}


Remember back in the 80s when eyebrows used to be normal looking?  Eyebrows weren’t even given a second thought in those days.  They just were.


Well, then came the 90s and Pamela Anderson and suddenly everyone’s eyebrows became super thin and almost nonexistent.


These days, eyebrows are a main focal point on a woman’s face it seems.  If your eyebrows aren’t perfectly manicured you end up the butt of meme’s like this poor girl.  I swear the only reason I laughed is because I totally remembered doing long division, because I was terrorized by it, especially the little “r” signifying the “remainder”.  So glad I mastered the concept of long division otherwise I don’t know where I’d be.  LOL  Just a little sarcasm.


My point in all this is apparently I’m a late bloomer. I didn’t really start paying attention to my eyebrows until about a year ago.  In fact, I don’t remember even touching my eyebrows when I got married (8 years ago).  Anyways, long story short, thanks to peer pressure and the Internet, now I do care about how my eyebrows look.  I can’t say that I’m anywhere close to being a pro at applying eye make-up but when I received a Billion Dollar Brows brow kit, I was more than excited to give an amateur’s attempt at doing my eyebrows.

So, because I really love you guys, I’m share this mug of me with no makeup.  Yes, my edges are struggling…the result of postpartum side-effects…the glory of motherhood. LOL

photo 2 (5)

Here’s what I did to my eyebrows:

photo 2

I first used the brow pencil (#2) fill in the areas of my eyebrow that needed some darkening.  {Note to readers: I am not by any stretch of the imagination anything close to a make-up artist.  This is not a how-to post, because I’m sure I’m not putting this on correctly.}

photo 4

Next, I brushed out the eyebrow to make them neat.  This also dispersed the brow makeup a little to make it look less drawn on.

photo 1 (7)

Next, there are two ends to the Duo Highlighter.  I opted to use the Concealer (#3) (darker) end of the pencil to highlight my brows.

photo 2 (7)

photo 3 (5)

I then blended the concealer using the Smudge Brush (#1) so that it would act as a highlight.

photo 4 (3)

That was literally all.  And here’s the end product.  Tada!

photo (7)

Okay so more about this product.  The kit I received is called the Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit.  It contains: Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil – a unique product that will set you free from the headache of finding cosmetics that match your hair color. Universal Brow Pencil is a mechanical, self-sharpening pencil which goes on smooth and natural for all hair colors and skin tones.

Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel Clear – an effective formula that will lock in your look, giving your eyebrows a long-lasting, radiant glow while keeping them perfectly in place all day. It’s the perfect finishing touch for giving your brows a polished, perfectly manicured look. Plus, it is a guarantee the Brow Gel never flakes.

Billion Dollar Brows Brow Duo Highlighter – an amazing and unique two in one highlighter and concealer. With this innovative pencil you can get picture perfect brows. Brow Duo Highlighter allows you to highlight your brow bone to add gorgeous definition and warmth. Works with any skin tone. Plus, for those on-the-go touchups, a handy universal concealer to the opposite end of the pencil.

Billion Dollar Brows Smudge Brush – an essential item for applying Brow Highlighter. This flat, synthetic brush is the ideal mate for applying creamy cosmetics like our Brow Duo Pencil. Get your smudge on!

Billion Dollar Brows Pencil Sharpener – perfect for your Duo Highlighter, renewing the product of the pencil. All you need is a twist!

I was surprised to learn that Billion Dollar Brows is the only cosmetic company solely dedicated to eyebrow health and beauty.  Even better than that, you won’t have to spend a fortune.  The products are priced fairly to make beautiful eyebrows a reality for anyone.


The 10 Minute Workout Even I Can Do!

If I ever tell you that I enjoy working out, please know that I’m lying through my teeth.  I abhor working out.  Now, the euphoric feeling after working out…I love that.  It’s the whole process of actually working out that I don’t like.

Since I’m no spring chicken and gravity is becoming my arch nemesis day by day, I decided I really need to do something to “get my life” {do people still say that?}.  So, thanks to Pinterest, I found a routine that anyone, and I mean ANYONE can do.  It’s a 10 minute routine so, no, you’re not going to look like Beyonce in a week, but if you stick to it and of course eat right…yadda…you can come close…perhaps…maybe.  Let’s get on with it.


You can actually stop what you’re doing now and do this workout.  If you really put effort into it, you’ll get a good sweat.  I typically repeat this set 4 times, which for me equals 10-15 minutes.  Give it a shot.


Argan Oil Hair Mask {Sponsored}


I can’t say that I’m great when it comes to the care of my hair.  More times than not, I sleep without a bonnet, or whatever their called.  My pillow case covers aren’t satin.  Satin makes me hot.  I don’t pre-poo, poo-poo, or any of those poos that are all the rage now.  I’m doing good when I put conditioner on my hair.  I guess the way I look at it, hair is one less thing to stress about.  However, when it comes to my girls, I’m constantly looking for products that will be kind to their hair.  I want their hair to be moisturized and healthy more than anything.  I don’t put heat on their hair because I know heat is like the worst thing you can do, but I also don’t put any deep conditioners or anything like that on them.  Usually, I’ll just wash, condition and braid weekly.  As I said, I’m always on the hunt for products that will keep their hair looking nice so when I had the opportunity to try Argan Oil Hair Mask, I decided to give it a go.

My youngest daughter Jayde has a tight coil versus Julia who’s hair is curly.  Jayde is the one that I really struggle to find good products for. I tested this on her and after just the first use, it made a world of difference.  Her hair was much easier to comb through and it took much less time to style her hair.  I typically stray away from hair products that are white and creamy because I don’t like the look of caked up product on the hair and white creamy products seem to leave this kind of residue.  Argan Oil Hair Mask was different.  I combed through Jayde’s hair washed it out and was able to get a good clean wash. I love how Jayde’s hair feels much healthier.  I’ve now used it on her hair a few times and I’m very satisfied.

Enough about my experience with it, here’s some information about the product itself.  InstaNatural’s Argan Oil Hair Mask is a deep conditioning treatment designed to transform dry and damaged strands into soft, shiny, healthy hair. Its restorative ingredients – such as Argan Oil, Japanese Green Tea, Amino Acid Complex, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil & Vitamin B5 – work together to penetrate hair deep down and deliver ultimate nourishment and hydration to enhance texture and shine. This intensive blend full of organic ingredients also serves to strengthen hair to defend against heat damage and other external aggressors.

Key Active Ingredients:
+ Argan Oil
+ Amino Acid Complex
+ Coconut Oil
+ Shea Butter
+ Vitamin B5

InstaNatural is a leading online and global distributor of more than a dozen nature inspired beauty and cosmetics products. Our products are one of the top sellers on Amazon and can also be found in leading spas, salons and aesthetic centers in the US, as well as internationally in UAE, UK and Canada (coming soon). We are constantly in search of wonderful natural and organic ingredients from the around the globe, so we can bring you the absolute best products, no matter the cost. In addition, we strongly believe in treating our customers the way we would want to be treated. This is why our lifetime satisfaction guarantee and our customer service is unlike any other company in the industry.

This is definitely a product I’ll continue to use and hope to find in my local grocery store.  For now, I’ll have to buy it online here.




Dressing for Fall in Cali + The Substitute

How to Dress for FallHow to Dress for FallHow to Dress for FallHow to Dress for FallHow to Dress for FallHow to Dress for Fall12.8.14 099

It is so important for parents to instill a sense of destiny in their children.  Once they realize that they have immeasurable potential, there is no stopping them.  I am not saying that they won’t deviate from the path – all of us have done that.  But thank God they have been given a path to deviate from.

In Genesis, the Lord promised Eve a seed.  He said, “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel” (Gen 3:15).  When Eve produced what she may have thought to be the promised seed, there were real problems….  In the heat of rage, Cain killed his brother….  Now her eldest son was a criminal on the run, and her younger son was snuffed out in the prime of life….  She was supposed to be the mother of all living and all she had raised was a corpse and its murderer.

But God unwrapped the blanket of failure from around her and blessed her with another son.  His name she called “Seth.”  Seth means “substituted.”  …Suddenly, as she held her new baby in her arms, she began to realize that God is sovereign.  If He decrees a thing, it will surely come to pass….  Eve called her third son “Seth,” for she understood that if God makes a promise to bless someone, He will find a way! Even if it means appointing a substitute, He will perform His promise.

God’s purpose was not aborted when Cain killed Abel.  In spite of the fact that life has its broken places, ultimately everything God has ever said will come to pass….  Satan tries to assassinate the will of God in your life.  Nevertheless, He who has begun a good work in you shall perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.  When we suffer loss like Eve did, there is a feeling of forlornness.  However, you cannot allow past circumstances to abort future opportunity.  If you have experienced loss in your life, I tell you that God has a way of restoring things you thought you would never see again.  




Wednesday Prayer – Comfort in God’s Promise




Hurting People, Hurt People

how to wear a winter coathow to wear a winter coathow to wear a winter coathow to wear a winter coathow to wear a winter coathow to wear a winter coathow to wear a winter coathow to wear a winter coatHealing cannot come to a desperate person rummaging through other people’s lives. One of the first things that a hurting person needs to do is break the habit of using other people as a narcotic to numb the aching of an inner void.  The more you medicate the symptoms, the less chance you have of allowing God to help you.  The other destructive tendency that can exist with any abuse is the person must keep increasing the dosage.  Avoid addictive, obsessive relationships.  If you are becoming increasingly dependent upon anything other than God to create a sense of wholeness in your life, then you are abusing your relationships.  Clinging to people is far different from loving them. It is not so much a  statement of your love for them as it is a crying out of your need for them.  Like lust, it is intensely selfish.  It is taking and not giving.  Love is giving.  God is love.  God proved His love not by His need of us, but by His giving to us….

The Scriptures plainly show that the infirmed woman who touched Jesus in the crowd had tried to lift herself.  People who stand on the outside can easily criticize and assume that the infirmed woman lacks effort and fortitude.  That is not always the case.  Some situations in which we can find ourselves defy willpower.  We feel unable to change.  The Scriptures say that she “could in no wise lift up herself.”  That implies she had employed various means of self-ministry.  Isn’t it amazing how the same people who lift up countless others, often cannot lift themselves?  This type of person may be a tower of faith and prayer for others, but impotent when it comes to her limitations.  That person may be the one others rely upon.  Sometimes we esteem others more important than ourselves.  We always become the martyr.  It is wonderful to be self-sacrificing but watch out for self-disdain.  If we don’t apply some of the medicine that we use on others to strengthen ourselves, our patients will be healed and we will be dying.

During the holidays we often forget that there are many hurting people out there.  I felt like someone needed to hear this today!  God bless you!

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The Cross We Bear

bearing the crossfashiondujour-fashiondujourdaily-fashion-du-jour


Wednesday Prayer: Faith



How I Wore a Sleeveless Trench Coat

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 Always do more than you get paid for. – Sadly, most people will only do the bare minimum of what’s required of them.  You stand out when you do just a little bit more.

Don’t be a complainer, ever. – Do you like being around someone who complains all the time?  I have never been around anyone who likes to be around someone who likes that.  Unless you’re looking to decrease your friend count, don’t complain.

Try honestly to see things from the other person’s point of view, –  Especially in disagreements, a lot of are more focused on being right than trying to honestly see things from their point of view. When we try to see things from the other person’s point of view it shows that you care about them.

Listen more than you talk. – Almost everyone I know, enjoys when people are interested in them.  How do you know when someone’s interested in you?  They ask questions.  Be a question asker.

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