marriage conversations


CHALLENGE: What’s most important to you in your relationship with your spouse?

Today’s task is not about money.  It’s not about the kid’s education.  It’s not about the roof over your head.  It’s about you and what you need to feel fulfilled in your marriage relationship.  Understand, that there is only one who can be your everything and that is God, but God gives us a helpmate to meet some of our natural needs as well.

Spend some time in prayer and talking to yourself.  Once you’ve prayed and identified at least 3 things, talk to your spouse.  Pose the question to him|her (without expectation of an immediate answer) and share what your 3 things are.  Remember, your approach and attitude is very important because we don’t want our spouses to feel like they are being attacked.  As we grow, our marriage grows so the goal here is simply to express some your needs so that your spouse is not left to assume your needs are being met.  COMMUNICATION!  This exercise is 3-fold.  The first part of this exercise is to help you draw some conclusions about what you really need in this stage of your marriage.  The second part of this exercise is to understand the needs and expectations your spouse has of you.  The third part of this exercise is to realize that, try as he|she might, your spouse cannot possibly meet every single one of your needs and so there are some things you must release to God.


Dear God, I ask you to come into our hearts as we pray for understanding.  Help us first seek to understand and then to be understood.  Help us to know that there is no one but you who can meet every one of our needs.  Help us not to set unfair expectations of our spouses.  Help us to be able to meet our spouses needs and communicate in a loving way.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.


This challenge helped me to step back and reassess somethings.  It helped me to look at my children and husband in a different way.  I began to ask myself, what are the things I should be doing for myself to make me a better wife and mother.  How should I be setting and example to my daughters and sone of the role of a wife.  The sum of these things are what really matter in life.

How to join?  That’s up to you!  It’s completely your choice how you participate in this challenge.  Truly, what matters to me is that you are putting these prompts into action prayerfully and intentionally.  I want you to see the fruits of your labor when it’s all said and done.  Here’s how you can follow along: (1) Check back here to find the daily prompt along with my encouragement, prayer and observations from the previous day.  (2) Check out my Instagram where you’ll also see the daily prompts and can engage other participants.  (3) Watch the live Periscope episodes over the course of these 14 days where you’ll find me talking about my observations in addition to tackling a Marriage Conversations Topic.  Finally, (4) you’ll find a video dedicated to this challenge, with all the details and each day spelled out for you.  This is in case you’re catching this on the 15th day and you really want to participate.  The beauty is there’s no such thing as a late start.  Anytime is a great time to start doing these things in your relationships. #MARRIAGECONVERSATIONS

Your Girl,


marriage conversation


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