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Many of you have been praying with your spouse for days, months and years.   You have a dedicated, strong prayer life and there’s not a day that goes by that you’re not praying together for someone or something.  If that’s you, continue praying but this post is not for you.

This post is for those of you whom praying together isn’t something you’ve done in a while, if ever.  This is for those of you who feel too ashamed to pray because you recognize the role you’ve played in the seemingly unsalvagable state of your marriage, and you feel like, God just doesn’t bless people like you.  This post is for those who have begun to feel like God no longers hears your prayers and although you keep hoping that your husband will make you a priority, hoping that your wife will finally get her act together, hoping that you will finally be able to trust your spouse again…deep down inside you feel like you’re at the end of your rope and God can’t possibly fix the complicated mess your marriage has become.  Keep reading.

Faith isn’t something you’re born with.  Why?  Because like muscles, faith isn’t something that can be realized without exercise (work) and prayer.  2 Corinthians 5:7 says, “walk by faith and not by sight” but if you train yourself to see God’s miracle in the little things, walking by faith won’t feel so hard.  Think of all the “little” things God has done in your life.  Thank God for your noisy kids who have the health and strength to play.  Thank God for that beat up hooptie that keeps getting you to and from work each and every day.  Thank God for those raggedy tennis shoes that you can slide your feet into all by your self and the worn out  laces you can tie all by yourself.  Thank God for the noisy washing machine that keeps cleaning your clothes night after night.  Thank God for the fact that you were able to open your eyes this morning and find yourself in your RIGHT mind.  When you begin to testify in prayer to the “little” things that God does in our lives, you will find that your faith in God’s ability to do the “big” things, like restore your marriage, are in His reach. God brought you this far.  Do you really think He’s going to leave you now?  If you don’t have a healthy prayer life, you will not have a healthy marriage.  Today, I challenge you to let go of those discouraging thoughts.  Grab your spouse by the hands and pray.


Dear God, Your word tell us that we are to always pray and not faint.  Help us to remember that all things are little in your sight.  Help us to realize that we should never be ashamed to talk to you.  Soften our hearts so that we can unite in prayer with our spouses and lay our discouragement, doubt, trust issues, at your feet.  We love you God and we thank you.  Amen.


to be continued…

How to join?  That’s up to you!  It’s completely your choice how you participate in this challenge.  Truly, what matters to me is that you are putting these prompts into action prayerfully and intentionally.  I want you to see the fruits of your labor when it’s all said and done.  Here’s how you can follow along: (1) Check back here to find the daily prompt along with my encouragement, prayer and observations from the previous day.  (2) Check out my Instagram where you’ll also see the daily prompts and can engage other participants.  (3) Watch the live Periscope episodes over the course of these 14 days where you’ll find me talking about my observations in addition to tackling a Marriage Conversations Topic.  Finally, (4) you’ll find a video dedicated to this challenge, with all the details and each day spelled out for you.  This is in case you’re catching this on the 15th day and you really want to participate.  The beauty is there’s no such thing as a late start.  Anytime is a great time to start doing these things in your relationships. #MARRIAGECONVERSATIONS

Your Girl,





marriage conversation


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