CHALLENGE: Take a drive with no destination and phones out of sight.

When’s the last time you and your spouse hopped in the car and just drove?  Probably when gas prices were a few dollars cheaper, right?  In our home, those rides have a purpose…SLEEPY RIDES.  Usually these rides are prompted by a child or two having way too much energy, way too late at night.  We all hop in the car and end up across town, rolling through a fast food drive thru sipping a shake.  During these rides, once we realize the kids have fallen asleep (if we’re lucky), my husband and I have a chance to talk.  We talk about everything and nothing, but we talk.  I enjoy these moments.  There’s no agenda.  Just talking.  These conversations always remind me of the days before kids and all the random talks we would have.  My husband is the kind of person you enjoy talking to.  He’s funny, genuine and opinionated.  He doesn’t hold his tongue.  I love that about him.  He’s all the things I’m not but deep down inside wish I was more of.  He bring out the best in me.

My vision for this prompt was born out of the idea of an intimate get-away vacation .  Sure, your typical idea of a get-away is probably something along the lines of a fantastic trip to a tropical island…all expense paid, but down frown upon this instant substitute.  The wonderful thing about a get-away vacation is that it gives you time to hit the reset button.  You have an opportunity to talk and learn more about each other.  So, consider this get-away your chance to hit the reset button and learn about each other.


Dear God, you know the desires or my heart and the desires for my marriage.  Help me to continue to serve my husband and honor him with love and respect.  Give us eyes to recognize moments of opportunity to connect so that our marriage might be strengthened but the more and we will be a living testimony of your greatness.  Amen.


To be continued…


How to join?  That’s up to you!  It’s completely your choice how you participate in this challenge.  Truly, what matters to me is that you are putting these prompts into action prayerfully and intentionally.  I want you to see the fruits of your labor when it’s all said and done.  Here’s how you can follow along: (1) Check back here to find the daily prompt along with my encouragement, prayer and observations from the previous day.  (2) Check out my Instagram where you’ll also see the daily prompts and can engage other participants.  (3) Watch the live Periscope episodes over the course of these 14 days where you’ll find me talking about my observations in addition to tackling a Marriage Conversations Topic.  Finally, (4) you’ll find a video dedicated to this challenge, with all the details and each day spelled out for you.  This is in case you’re catching this on the 15th day and you really want to participate.  The beauty is there’s no such thing as a late start.  Anytime is a great time to start doing these things in your relationships. #MARRIAGECONVERSATIONS

Your Girl,





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