Another from the Archs

Here’s another from the archives.  This was taken slight after my last post.

As I sit here typing I’m 8 weeks.  The sickness and yuckiness, I described in my “announcement” post…lives on.  It’s just so weird, particularly because I never experienced this with my last two pregnancies.  It’s just strange and of course the Hubs thinks it’s because we’re having twins….{no comment}.  

Of late, I learned that I’m anemic, which as you probably know means that I have an iron deficiency.  Interesting thing is that I wasn’t anemic prior to getting pregnant.  Curious to know what I needed to do and how this would affect my chick, I did some digging and was relieved to learn that it’s pretty common to become anemic during pregnancy. I also learned why it totally makes sense that I am SO SUPER tired ALL. THE. TIME.  The article said when you’re pregnant, your body produces three times the amount of blood it normally does to support both you and the chick.   The iron deficiency causes a low red blood cell (RBC) count so my RBC slows, along with oxygen production and as we all know oxygen produces energy.  Good news is it’s extremely rare for the chick to have an iron deficiency too since the chick gets first dibs on all the nutrients, including iron, he needs first.  So, the solution…I’ve added another pill to my pre-natal along with a healthy dose of prune juice, because we all know what iron does!  Ekk!

Coming soon…some pics of the bump!


7 thoughts on “Another from the Archs

  1. Oh how I remember the sicky days. Crackers helped me. Feel better Leslie! Love the outfitl. Especially the length of the pants. I sometimes find it difficult to find pants long enough for my tall frame.

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