Seven Weeks

The other night, the hubs and I snuck out to dinner at Il Fornaio.  I don’t remember what we ate, but we had some good laughs.  I love dating my Hubby.  Here’s evidence of our date

jacket: {Similar} | top: old {similar} | sequin tube turned skirt: {similar} | shoes: Speed Limit 99 {similar} | envelope: thrifted {similar} | ring: Target {similar}

So, if you’re wondering what this “Seven Weeks” is about, yep, you guessed it.  I’m expecting.  Although “expecting” is a slight misnomer because I actually WASN’T “expecting” to learn I was pregnant when I went to visit my lady doctor.  I went in because I had been having some weird stomach cramping for several weeks and it was only getting worse.  Hubs asked if I thought I was pregnant and I told him no because everything “else” was normal.  Imagine my surprise when the nurse came in the room after my exam and said, “Well, everything seems to be normal, but did know you were pregnant?”  Uhh…no!  So, anyways, I was so happy and relieved that the pains I was having were for a good reason.  

As baby three is coming along, I can already tell he’s gonna be different than the other two.  I say “he” because I just have a feeling.  We’ll likely find out the gender of the baby in a few more weeks and we’ve already been thinking of names…well, let’s be honest, we’ve been thinking of names since Julia was born.    I never had any sickness, pains, anything really with my other two, but this one has made his presence known.  I’ve been nauseous at night, I can’t sit or sleep comfortably, I’m constantly eating…it’s just different.  I’m not complaining, because I know it can be 10 times worse so I’ll just say it’s different.  We’ve got a due date of June 25-28th somewhere around there, so I’ll be keeping you in the loop with my progress.  Pretty exciting news, wouldn’t you agree!?!

P.S.  I’ll blame Baby3 for the reason why I haven’t posted in a while.  I’ve been SOOO sleepy!


46 thoughts on “Seven Weeks

  1. Excited for you guys! You 2 are definatly a “model couple” for us youth to watch…I’m sad you won’t be at youth convention and Holy convocation though 😦

    I wonder who’s personality he will favor…if it’s like Juju’s, then we’ll be the best of friends, but if it’s like that son of yours it’ll take a min (lol)

  2. CONGRATS to you, your hubby, and family!!!!! If that due date sticks, you will be giving birth to a lovely Cancer, the best sign in my opinion…though I may be a bit biased *June 27th* lol. Take care of yourself. I can’t wait to see you with a baby bump =) xoxo, Rita

  3. Congrats to you & Jon (as I posted on FB)! That would be great if you had another boy because it would be like you and your bros (I assuming you will stop after this one). Don’t you think that would be cute! Also, I’d been wondering where you’ve been and why you hadn’t been posting. I can’t wait to see all the cool “maternity” outfits you put together esp since you really don’t do actual maternity clothes BUT since this pregnancy is different you might have to! No matter what I am sure you will still be a fashion inspiration to the preggos and non-preggos alike.

  4. I have been visiting your blog for quite some time now. I’ve never commented before but wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS on the baby!!! I just started a new blog and am hoping to hear some good news soon from my ‘lady doctor’ 🙂

  5. I’ve wondered where you’ve been. Glad all is well. No grateful that you and your family are welcoming another child. From your blog I can sense that GOD is with you all and His favor! That mommy glow on you is the bizness! You look gorgeous (: I’m not just typing this. Step back and look at your face, legs (hope that doesn’t come weird) = THE GLOWWWWW and pass me the dress since you won’t need it for a few months. Praying for a happy healthy baby, muahhhh, Xo!

  6. YAY! Congrats on the pregnancy, Leslie.
    I’m so thrilled for you and your family– what a true blessing. 🙂

    I’ve missed your posts but totally understand.

  7. Omg!!! Congrats Leslie!!! I’m so happy for you!! I can’t wait to see the pregnancy DIYs you come up with-lol. You and Erika are making me get the itch for #2, but I’ll leave that to my bff Jesus-lol. Anyhow, congrats again to you and Jon!!! Xoxo

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