forever challenge

I’m looking for MORE in 2016.  I am happily married.  I have an adoring husband, but I want more.  I want my marriage to flourish even greater.  I want God to do more in my marriage and in my home.

Sound familiar?

Maybe you’re saying to yourself that you’re married but not so happily, or you’re newly married and want to build a solid foundation, or you’ve simply come to a place of maturity in yourself and in your marriage where you realize you want and CAN HAVE MORE!

I challenge you!  I challenge you to get what God has for you, because the only one holding you up is YOU!

Join my husband, Jon, and I as we challenge what you thought was possible in your marriage over the course of 12-months, beginning January 1, 2016.  Here’s what the challenge consists of:

  • a monthly challenge (12 challenges) no sneak peek!
  • Monthly Private Periscope Check-in
  • Prayer….Communication…Consistency!

That’s it!

The challenge is completely free and as I said, Jon and I will be going through this right along with you.


This is not fun and games where you get a nicely wrapped prize at the end.  We’re going to get our hands dirty!  We’re going to dig deep!  You’re going to be forced to address some of those issues you’ve been trying to avoid or pretend don’t exist.  You’re going to feel uncomfortable.  You’re going to be vulnerable.

But…you’re going to grow!

This challenge is not for everyone.  If you feel like your marriage is fine where it’s at, if you feel like you know enough about your spouse and your spouse knows enough about you just how things are, then this is not for you.  Again, this is for the couples who want more!

Ideally this challenge is for couples to go through together, but you can take this individually as well.

Enrollment ends December 31st.  Click the link to join us in this challenge.


Your Girl,


Jon and Les1

p.s. Jon and I have been married for 10 years (in May).  We have 4 children under eight years old and our marrige HAS. BEEN. TRIED!  God has done far more than we ever expected.  For the past six years, we have ministered to young adults through a series of meet-ups on various topics relevent to Christian living.  

4 thoughts on “[FREE] The MARRIAGE PROMISE Challenge

  1. Wishing you nothing but more happiness and success – we are 25 years+ in and life has taken it’s toll on us together and individually, but I can be honest to say, it’s better today than it was on 8/11/90!

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