Something Sweet


I don’t normally post about what I eat, but being pregnant, I constantly think about what I’m putting into my body.  I’m always looking for healthy sweets because, well since the horse is out of the barn, I have to have something sweet on a daily basis.  Strangely, non-pregnant Leslie really doesn’t care too much for sweets (unless it’s Mexican candy or Good n’ Plenty).

Normally, I’d go for a sweet mango with chile sprinkled on top, but the chile these days does a number on my mouth and I just can’t take it.  We’ll resume that treat once baby is born.  So, now I’m chasing a milder sweet snack and I think I’ve found it.  Blueberries.  Not only are blueberries really good, especially when they’re super ripe and almost mushy, but they’re very healthy and good for your memory…or so they tell me.

I recently bought some blueberries from Costco and they weren’t ripe {sweet} enough so I sprinkled some powdered sugar on them and voila, confection-perfection.

FASHION DU JOUR | blueberries

Today I decided to add some protein and carbs to my mid-morning snack with a slice of toasted 7 grain wheat bread, creamy peanut butter {because the nutty kind drives me crazy} with a little honey.  Delish!


I’ll be serving these to the kids for their after school snack!

What healthy sweets do you like to indulge in?



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