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CHALLENGE: Take an “usie” picture again! What’s the difference between Day 1 and today?

It’s Day 14 of the 14 Day Relationship Challenge.  Today’s challenge is to take another selfie.  I want you to capture how you feel today.  Do you feel any different than you did on day 1?


Dear God, Thank you for giving us the desire to strengthen our marriages.  Continue to work patience and grace into our lives daily.  Help those who are still doing the challenge or will begin the challenge to do so prayerfully because we know that only you can change our hearts.  Thank you for your continual blessings in every area of our lives.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.


I noticed that I think about my husband more often than ever before.  He’s constantly on my mind.  I’m more intentional with the moments we share and I try my best to show him that I’m actively listening.  What’s cool is that I do it without having to think about it.  Since my attention has been so directly focused on him and our marriage, I find myself instinctively doing the challenge tasks without having to thing about them.

How to join?  That’s up to you!  It’s completely your choice how you participate in this challenge.  Truly, what matters to me is that you are putting these prompts into action prayerfully and intentionally.  I want you to see the fruits of your labor when it’s all said and done.  Here’s how you can follow along: (1) Check back here to find the daily prompt along with my encouragement, prayer and observations from the previous day.  (2) Check out my Instagram where you’ll also see the daily prompts and can engage other participants.  (3) Watch the live Periscope episodes over the course of these 14 days where you’ll find me talking about my observations in addition to tackling a Marriage Conversations Topic.  Finally, (4) you’ll find a video dedicated to this challenge, with all the details and each day spelled out for you.  This is in case you’re catching this on the 15th day and you really want to participate.  The beauty is there’s no such thing as a late start.  Anytime is a great time to start doing these things in your relationships. #MARRIAGECONVERSATIONS

Your Girl,





marriage conversation


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