In My Head {Pinterest}

If you’re familiar with Pinterest, whether you know it or not, you’re an addict.  Pinterest is a thief of your time and a proponent of procrastination….AND I KNOW IT!  However, if you’re not familiar with Pinterest, take heed and run, run as far as you can.  Dramatic, of course. Since you’re still reading that means you’re an addict like me so I might as well share with you some of my favorite pins.




#FDJStyle: November Wishlist

Three Cheers for Fall!  I don’t know about you but I’ve been crushing on Fall since March!  Fall is my favorite tiime of year because I don’t feel the pressure of having to show my pale legs {yes, black people can be pale lol} among other inappropriate, if not offensive muscularly challenged body parts.
Here are some of my favorite finds for November!
 What are you crushing on for Fall?
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A Special Touch




mimi-boutique-alloy-DIY-blazer-fashion-fashiondujour-leopard-stripes-natural-hairblazer & earrings: thrifted|dress: D.I.Y. {2 tops}|heels: ONLY $29|bag: c/o

When’s the last time you received an advertisement in the mail that had an extra special personal touch?  Better yet, when’s the last time you added a special touch?  Chances are it’s been a while.  But I bet  there’s an even greater chance that you would have added a personal touch “if only you had more time in the day”.

I’ve realized that the personal touch you put on something can earn you a huge return but unfortunately our natural tendency to add a personal touch is very low on the priority list if on it at all.  Here’s the thing, we all know that a personal touch takes time and energy and that’s exactly why they mean so much, because they take time and energy.

So you say, how can I add a personal touch to my daily? Think of it as branding your work.  If you’re funny, add a little humor into it.  If you’re an artist, decorate it with illustrations.  Whatever you do, customize it with a little personal touch of ‘you.’  You’ll be glad you did and the recipient will too.

What’s the last thing you gave or received that had a personal touch?

p.s. I DIYed my “dress”.  It’s actually two identical tops.  One is worn as normal and the other is pulled down around my hips and the long sleeves are tied together in front.  

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The Bad News

A1 129

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The bad news:  Nothing lasts forever!

The good news:  Nothing lasts forever!

sweater: Men’s vintage Coca Cola // jeans: Ernst // boots: Timberland


My Insta-Life

1. ASOS dress that I ordered for the BLMeet Up.  Arrived later than I had hoped so I didn’t get to wear it.

2. Some of the sweetest girls I know wished me a happy birthday!

3.  Got the pics from the photographer, Darren Williams Photographyand I’m super excited with the job he did!  Find him on Facebook.

4.  MaMuffyns and Daddy!

5.  Yes, I’m 32 and yes I rode Space Mountain and YES I loved it!

6.  Check out the Disneyland pics.

7.  What am I going to do with my Julia!?!  She loves my Mimi Boutique bag…and I don’t blame her, even if it IS bigger than she is.  

8.  The kids loving on Jayde.  Jayde…not about this life!

9.  The Hubs swooped me up for a lunch date at Harold and Belle’s Creole food.  Yumtastic!

10.  Macrons…to LIVE for!

11.  I guess she showed me, huh!  WERK!