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Ever notice how people watch what you do more than they listen to what you say?  The athletes,  musicians, entrepreneurs, parents that we seem to admire so much are all have something going for them that makes them such worth emulating.  They excel at what they do. Whether what they do is admirable or not, their ability to do it and do it well, is what is so attractive and it makes others want to be like them.  

I admire my husband because he’s always been of the mindset that there’s no point in doing something if you aren’t going to do it right.  He believes in being thorough and doing the best at his work and doing the best at his play.  And that’s what I call excellence.

glasses: S.A.L.T // jacket: DKNY // tee: Hanes // wedges: Target // bracelets: c/o women of Tanzania // bag: c/o MimiBoutique.com // watch: Michael Kors




I wore this out the other night when the hubs and I celebrated his cousin Tamara’s birthday.  It was a bowling birthday at Lucky Strike.  No, I didn’t bowl, but I did cheer the hubs on.  I don’t remember the final score, I just remember being completely exhausted.  I think we stopped and grabbed a bite to eat on the way home, don’t ask me where.  

How did you spend the weekend?

blazer: thrifted | top: Covington JC Penny | jeans: {similar) | shoes: Coach | purse: thrifted | watch: Michael Kors | necklace: c/o MimiBoutique.com

5 Years in the Making

Necklace: Gift | jacket: GAP | tee: unknown | skirt: DIY vintage dress | watch: Michael Kors | shoes: Soda

On May 27th, my husband and I will be celebrating 5 years of marriage.  It’s incredible to think about all that’s happened over the last 5 years, yet it still feels like we’re still newlyweds.  I turn into a big baby when I think about how far we’ve come, the ups and downs and how I blessed we are.  For my own sake, I’ll keep this post short and just tell you a couple reasons why I think we’ve made it this far:

1.  He’s funny – It may sound crazy but I love it when my husband makes fun of me.  When he imitates me,  I just think it’s the funnies thing because he’s so spot on.

2.  He keeps his word – There’s not a single time I can recall that my husband has said or promised something that he has not been able to remain faithful to.  Not a thing.  That may not mean much to the next girl, but to me it’s major.

3.  He’s a protector –   This man will stop at nothing to protect his family.  He constantly prays over us and is always looking out for our well being in every sense of the word.

4.  He’s a great cook – Need I say more?

5.  He loves God – As my pastor puts it, any man that doesn’t love God wont love you long.

By the way, do you recognize this skirt?  It used to be a dress. Remember this…

I DIY’ed this dress into a skirt.  Nothing major, I just took a pair of scissors and cut it in half, literally.  Not to shabby, if I do say so myself.

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jacket: sample | sweater: Ben Sherman | shirt: random | jeans: Joe's | boots: Charles David | bag: Coach | watch: Michael Kors | sunnies: Ray Ban Wayfarer





I get comments from time to time asking where I take my pictures because the backgrounds are cool….sometimes.  Well, I’m lucky enough to work in an area that has a lot of industrial buildings and most of them are outdated which equals really dreadful paint jobs from the 70s.  Today, I happened to be standing in the parking lot of a building with a really cool (but random) blue stripe around it.  It was some kind of cabinetry company.  I’m imagining they build bathroom cabinets, kitchen cabinets, storage cabinets, shrimp cabinets.  lol  Can you tell I watched Forrest Gump one too many times?


sunnies: thrifted . top: Made by Madeline . jeans: sample sale . bag: thrifted . shoes: http://www.alloy.com . watch: Michael Kors