Toast to the New Year 2014!

2013 Collage

I’m so grateful with all that God has done for my family and I; not because we deserve it by any means because that’s not how God works.  We couldn’t earn His grace and mercy if we tried.   You couldn’t have told me 10 years ago that in 2014 I would be expecting my fourth child, entering my eighth year of married bliss and embarking on my first year of really trying my faith and working for myself.

Of course, life hasn’t been a bed of roses.  There’s been ups and downs and everything in between both personally and in my blog world, but I try to keep things in perspective when it comes to balancing home and this business of blogging.  There’s nothing that matters more to me than the five people I share my heart with.  I’d give it all up in a split-second, with no hesitation and not even a glance back, if I was ever forced to choose.  But let’s not go there. LOL

In the coming months you’re going to notice a transition with FASHION du jour.  Although, I love working my wardrobe, I love my life even more and I want to let you in.  So, not only will you see my outfit posts, but I’ll also share more of my home life and what it’s like raising 4 kids and keeping a happy hubby.  I’ll share more of my faith walk and the world of a “first lady in training”, the challenges, triumphs, and lessons with running my own business, and even some of my favorite fun stuff like pins, instagram pics, life hacks, and random commentary.

I hope you’ll stick with me through the ride.  Beginning January 1st you’ll see a new look to FASHION du jour, so you’ll have to tell me how you like it.

Happy New Year Friends!



MOMMY 101: Month 1



I know, I know…it’s my fourth go around so I should be used to the total drain of energy, the nausea from dusk till dawn, the complete and utter bouts of total insta-starvation that hit oh about 1:00 a.m…well, I should be but I’m not.  Maybe being pregnant on top of chasing 3 small children is what’s making me so crazy.

Although it’s only been a few short weeks, this pregnancy so far has been quite different than my last 3.  I’ve been super moody {poor hubs}.  I’ve been super hungry all.the.time! {poor hubs}.  I’ve had no energy to do a single thing. {poor hubs}.  Jonathan really does deserve a trophy or something.  He never complains, or rolls his eyes {at least in my presence} and he’s always by my side.

Being pregnant always reminds me of how thankful I am to not only have a husband, but a good husband.  A husband who will make dinner, fold laundry, and change diapers at the drop of a hat.  Yes, yes…I’m spoiled.

This is what six week old fetus looks like.  Already, so much has begin developing.


[image via Baby Center]

maternity fashion pregnant

{as of 12/2}

Who else is pregnant and how are you feeling?


No Do Overs


 similar jacket | top | jeans | bag | shoes | sunnies | earrings DIY

Ever wonder why God doesn’t give us do-overs in life?  Probably because God knows we’d be calling do-overs like they were going out of style.  How often do you wonder how things would be different if you had…

1.  calmed down before you sent that text.

2. not ran that red light?

3.  decided not to answer the door.

4.  chosen a different major.

5.  said “I do” and did.

6.  didn’t buy another pair of designer shoes.

7.  just picked up the phone and talked it out.

8.  said thank you.

9.  said I’m sorry.

10.  said I love you.

Rarely does life give you do-overs or second chances.  But often life gives us the luxury of righting our wrongs.

Dear God, Thank you for your grace and mercy.  Thank you for not returning to me the wrongs that I’ve done to others.  Thank you for allowing me to see my faults and giving me the courage to do what’s right, especially when it’s hard.  I ask you to continue to bridle my tongue, to calm  my spirit and instill the wisdom in me to know how and when to speak in love.  Amen.

What wrongs can you right before the New Year?  So, what’s stopping you?



Stroke of Luck


For some, the new year brings with it hopes for the future, a fresh start pr a time to turn over a new leaf.  Sadly, for others, the new year brings resentment towards people and things that didn’t fall into the perfect plan they had concocted.  Everything didn’t go quite as planned.

I wonder how many of us stop to understand that sometimes not getting what we want can be a blessing.  Not getting what we want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of good luck, because it forces us to reevaluate things and before we know it,  new doors to opportunities are opening and experiences you would have otherwise overlooked suddenly becomes clear as day.

What am I saying?  The next time you begin to count all the many “unanswered” prayers you’ve sent up, stop and realize that God always answers prayers.  The answer may not be what you had envisioned, but God always answers.

// earrings: vintage // jacket: DKNY // tennies: Nike Airmax //


The Return of the Black

sunnies: Ray Ban Wayfarers | Trench: sample | top: I heart Ronson (dress) | jeans: old | bag: Coach | shoes: | socks: hubby | ring: Target | earrings: POParazzi

We are finally getting our Christmas decorations up today.  That’s the plan at least.  We had our Christmas cards mailed the second week of November and then one thing led to another and we just got busy.  The funny thing is we’ve had our tree for a little while now, we’ve just been to busy to bring it in the house.  In other news, tonight my hubby is sponsoring a Christmas party for our church’s choir.  It should be fun.  I’ll make sure to take some outfit pics, although I still don’t know what I’m wearing yet.  Next week’s going to be pretty busy.  I have a project for work on Monday that will put me out of the office for the whole day.  Tuesday I’m attending a field trip with Jaxon’s class in the early part of the day so I’ll be heading into work late.  Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be playing catch up between work, gift shopping and wrapping, and WORK.  Friday I’m off.  I’ll actually be taking a personal day to be with my family.  Every year we spend the Friday before Christmas shopping and eating.  The kids will be at school so it should be very productive.  I’m really looking forward to it, as I do every year.  How am I doing guys?  Are you all done and already into New Year’s planning?

White (even after Labor Day) is Right!

Practically my entire outfit was purchased at various sample sales. My shoes are: Ziggy Soho/Purse: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30/watch: Michael Kors

I managed to squeeze this in right before Labor Day.  Although, I hear that the no-white-after-Labor Day law is a joke in California since we pretty much wear whatever, whenever!  Consider this your cue to pack it up and move on down to California.

Special thanks to Jazzy from Ohio for submitting this Copy Cat Challenge idea.  While Jazzy doesn’t have a blog she is an “avid follower of all things fashion”.  I laughed when I read her email because she didn’t know who the celebrity was…sadly enough neither do I.  I hope I did your submission justice, Jazzy!

See more of today’s outfit here: