Just 30 Minutes


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Have you ever been convicted by your own guilty conscious?  Maybe you just ate a whole cake instead of the slice that you had intended… and now you feel convicted to go to the gym.  Or maybe you just told somebody off (in your head of course) for holding up the line only to realize the person holding up the line was someone’s 97 year old vision impaired grandma, alone,  trying to decipher her $100 bill from her $1… and now you feel compelled to pay for the medication she’s purchasing.

This weekend I was convicted.  All of last week, I was rushing to scoot the kids out the door to get to school on time and I know once or twice I wasn’t too pleasant.  I got a call from my mom last night and through the course of our brief conversation about putting Thermos’ in the kids’ school lunch versus microwavable Tupperware containers, I realized that life would be a whole lot easier if I gave myself just 30 minutes more.  Sure I’d rather nestle a little longer in those warm bed sheets (with Jaxon’s knee in my thigh and Julia’s head in my neck) but this morning I found that those 30 extra minutes spent half asleep,  don’t make quite as big of a difference as I tell myself they do.  In fact, they just prolong the dread of dragging out of bed.  I’m a morning person, can’t you tell {insert sarcasm}.

This morning, rather than slapping my alarm clock in it’s imaginary face, I got up, jumped in the shower and began my day.  Every step of the way, I realized I had a couple more minutes than normal.  I had a couple more minutes to form a good lather in the shower.  I had a couple more minutes to find matching socks.  I had a couple more minutes to give my husband a proper “good morning”, rather that the usual grunt.  I had a couple more minutes to soothe the kids awake rather than rattling them out of their sleep, with my sweet angelic “up, Up, UP!”

It felt good leaving the house early for a change.  Julia led us in prayer and, strangely, not every light was red and not every driver was having a contest to see how many times they could cut me off and slam on the brakes.  Well, at least I didn’t notice it.  It was beautiful.  The mini’s and I walked Jaxon to class and hung out with his friends for a few minutes instead of sneaking him through the back door seconds before the bell rings.  I was able to meet Julia’s teacher earlier than our scheduled time for our parent conference.  Other than trying to control the other kids in the class by showing them how to do their work,  Julia’s a ROCKSTAR!  Jayde’s drop off was a breeze as always.  I even had a couple more minutes to stop and say hello to parents as I passed them in the walkways.  It was a good day and all because I got up earlier.  Not whole lot earlier but just 30 minutes.

What time-saving life hacks do you have?

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People Change




We all have that friend from high school or middle school or even grade school who we thought would be in our corner “forEVER ever”.  The one who knew our deepest darkest secrets and greatest fears.  And then it happens…life, that is, and we lose touch.  That one time BFF becomes just an acquaintance.

While it’s natural to feel sad about the distance that’s grown between you, I’ve learned to accept that some of those friends are no longer the friends we once knew.  And that’s okay.  But, I’ve also learned that life doesn’t always change as fast as people do.  It’s painful when those who you’ve called friends and who’s highs you’ve celebrated and lows you’ve consoled no longer return that most valuable part of the relationship…love.

This truth affects all kinds of relationships.  I’ve lost count of the times friends have shared how much they miss the guy they thought was Mr. Right once a relationship has ended.  In reality, what they miss is the feeling they had when they were with so-called “Mr. Right”.  So easily we confuse the two.

Life is a series of experiences; many of which are relationships.  Many times how we navigate through those experiences will determine our success in life.  I admit, I haven’t always gotten it right with the relationship experiences in my life.  In fact, most times I’ve gotten it wrong.  I’m horrible at returning text messages.  I hate talking on the phone and special dates like birthdays….you can forget it.  However, in order for me to get my relationships right with others, it’s important for me that I get my relationship right with God first…after all, there’s no relationship more important.

Have you taken a pulse on your relationships lately?

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Be An Expert!





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Maybe I just notice this more because I’m no longer in the workforce but I’ve run into a lot of people going through various transitions in their careers.  The conversations we have usually go in the direction of the individuals wanting to go back to school to improve themselves but not necessarily having a clear vision for what they want to go to school for.  I’m 100% on team Learn More, but not knowing what you’re going back to school for will likely prove to be a waste of time and money.  In these cases, these potential students have significant work experience, families to support and bills to pay so they can’t afford to go back to school just to figure out life.  They need to have a purpose.  Going back to school to concentrate on sharpening a skill is usually what most people end up finding themselves doing, but often after thousands of dollars taking courses that don’t add value to their end goal.

Having an expertise or narrowing your focus is critical.  Take the sport of track for instance.  When you compare first place to second place, first place seems far more impressive than second place.  However, when you compare second place to third place, does second place really seem any more impressive?  To most people, including myself, not so much.

When we look at society we see that people who are experts about something are elevated high onto a pedestal.  Sure, hard work matters, but not if it’s scattered in diverse directions.  This is even applicable to bloggers just starting their blogging journey or thinking about refocusing their blog.  Some of the most successful bloggers are those who focus on a specialty.  Some are DIY queens, others are especially gifted at make up artistry, others are experts on caring for a particular hair type.  The skill isn’t necessarily what matters, but the expertise you can offer is.  So if you find yourself thinking about going back to school or building a more impressive blog or business, narrow your focus on learning fewer skills and mastering them all.  It’s about focusing more on less.

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denim-chambray-how-to-dress-casual-cute-vans-mimiboutique-natural-hairtopper: Alloy.com | tee: CAbi | cutoffs: 7 for all mankind D.I.Y. | shoes: Vans | bag: MimiBoutique.com

I have to admit, I’ve been a bit of a style slouch of late. Since working from home, I’ve been trying to find a new normal but everyday is different. Today’s actually been the first day that all three littles were off at school. Usually what I do is plan and prep the night before so that I don’t have to think in the morning, I just go. That’s what I did last night, but the day didn’t exactly go as planned. With today being the first day of school for Jayde, I was extra careful to pack and label everything precisely…everything but her lunch! DOH! It wasn’t until I got a call from her teacher letting me know that she didn’t have a hot meal that it dawned on me. Fortunately, the school always has food on hand for children of space cadet moms like me. Jayde had her share and then some of a veggie lunch pasta and when I picked her up she was happy and ready to take a nap.

Tomorrow is day 2. Wish me luck!

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Stroke of Luck


For some, the new year brings with it hopes for the future, a fresh start pr a time to turn over a new leaf.  Sadly, for others, the new year brings resentment towards people and things that didn’t fall into the perfect plan they had concocted.  Everything didn’t go quite as planned.

I wonder how many of us stop to understand that sometimes not getting what we want can be a blessing.  Not getting what we want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of good luck, because it forces us to reevaluate things and before we know it,  new doors to opportunities are opening and experiences you would have otherwise overlooked suddenly becomes clear as day.

What am I saying?  The next time you begin to count all the many “unanswered” prayers you’ve sent up, stop and realize that God always answers prayers.  The answer may not be what you had envisioned, but God always answers.

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  • jacket: sample sale
  • tee: Hanes
  • skirt: Angl (dress worn as skirt)
  • sandals: Old Navy
  • necklace: ? (long story)
  • purse: Louis Vuitton – Speedy 30
  • sunnies: random sunglasses guy in San Fran

I’m Bringing 80’s Back!

jacket: Valentine Fashion . slingshots: Hanes . watch: Michael Kors . jeans: James Cured . belt: Levi (thanks Hubs) . shoes: ZigiSoho . earrings: F21 . purse: She & Josh

Bright, Beautiful and Belgian

I had such a wonderful opportunity to get together with two BEAUTIFUL ladies I adore for some long overdue girl time.  For you tweet geeks, I had brunch with @BPSkit and @IamNichelle.  Absolute dolls!  We chatted over brunch at The Coffee Company in Westchester.  I ordered BELGIAN waffles, eggs scrambled with cheese, bacon and coffee (of course).  Dee-lish!  Thanks hubs for holding down the fort while I enjoyed my girls!

Our conversation led to some constructive criticism of my blog.  Truth be told, I’m the one that cries in the car when constructive criticism is a little too critical.  But, I asked for it.  I want to know what readers want to hear.  I surf blogs now and then and read what bloggers have to say.  Some blogs have some juicy reads, others are overflowing with ads, while others are purely visual. I struggle to strike a balance.  I want you, as a reader, to know me but I dont want to bore.  Anyway, our conversation was fruitful and I’m glad I asked.

Still, I’d love to know more.  Leave me a comment with a suggestion, piece of advice or even a question you’re curious about.

Grey Poupon Anyone?

Be honest. Does my blazer look super mustardy? I kinda feel like it does, but I kinda love it.  I’ve had a few request to list the items that I wear every day, but truth be told, many pieces of my wardrobe are vintage boutique finds.  I don’t love crowds, lines, or people asking if I need help every 5 minutes.  I’d rather shop in solitude and I find that small hole in the wall vintage boutiques offer just that.  With that said, what you see is kind of what you get, but you are certainly more than welcome to send me a note.  I’ll always respond.   

 I cant leave you without expressing my gratitude to all of you who have been following my blog, leaving comments, participating in my TomBoLA and sending me emails

When I started this thing back in March of 2009, I never expected it to have such a rewarding impact on my life.  It’s given this wife and mother of two an outlet of creativity, which I am grateful for.  Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.  You’ve been a blessing!

Happy Friday Friends!