Marriage Conversations – A Periscope Series

Over the past few years my husband and I have hosted LIFE Group session where we talk to young adults about various issues related to dating, marriage, relationships and life as a believer.

Recently, I jumped onto the Periscope bandwagon and began sharing my thoughts on topics related to marriage during a series called Marriage Conversations. With a recent update Periscope made, users can now save videos and upload them to other permanent platforms like YouTube.  Consequently, I’ve uploading a bunch of my daily Periscopes to YouTube for folks to watch, which you can find here.

What is Periscope?

Right now you might be asking yourself, Peri-what?  Periscope, is a new service from the people at Twitter that lets you watch and broadcast live video from around the world from a mobile device.  When you see people ‘scoping, at first it might look like they’re on Facetime but oh no.  They’re actually live-streaming and people from all over the world can see what’s happening.  Viewers can type comments for the user to read and can also give hearts to show that they’re enjoying what they’re watching.  Periscope accumulates the hearts you get in case you’re someone who likes to know those kinds of things.

What Makes You a Marriage Expert?

When it comes to marriage is there really a such thing as an expert?  Marriages differ so greatly from one to the next, but there are some core values all married couples must live by in order to enjoy a long and loving relationship; primarily a deep love for God.

My husband and I have been married for just under 10 years and we have 4 children.  Together, we have gone through many common and maybe not so common marital issues.  Notice, I said TOGETHER.  It’s important that I point out that we got through our trials because we stayed focused on one goal, being together!  Please believe, we’ve had our moments when things looked dismal, but PRAYER and love have carried us through.

When Are You Live-Streaming on Periscope?

I jump on Periscope daily around 9:30 am and 10 am. Tuesdays are not so predictable due to family duties, but I’m on at some point and if you turn your Periscope notifications on  you’ll get notified when I’m live. In order to use Periscope you need to have a Twitter account, otherwise, you can catch the replays on my YouTube Channel.

Just A Few of My Recent Scopes




Thanks for watching!




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