12 Gifts for Your Stylish Mother



…and for you because I’m pretty sure you’ll be a mom sometime down the road…or you’ve thought about it.  You own a dog?  Fine, the real title of this post is “12 things I found on Modcloth that I LOVED so much that I had to share with you!”

For whatever reason, I seem to have the hardest time with choosing gifts for Mother’s Day.  I’m a DIYer at heart so days before Mother’s Day I’m stalking the pages of Pinterest in an overly ambitious attempt to find something I can make with the little ones for granny (my mom) and granny honey (hubby’s mom).  Even though I consider myself a “for-real” mom being that I have four kids and all, I don’t think of Mother’s Day as a day to celebrate me.  I thank God that I’ve been blessed with a mother and mother-in-law who are still alive and well so as long as they’re here, the day will be about them.


“Oh, you didn’t have to get me anything,” is really mom-code for “is that all you got me, where’s the rest of it?”  What did you say?  Well, yes I’m a mom, but I meant other moms.  That’s what other moms…nevermind!  It’s the thought that counts when it comes to Mother’s Day. In all honesty, while store bought gifts are great (especially when they’re wrapped in a familiar blue box and white ribbon) I LOVE gifts that are conceptualized in my kid’s brains and made with their own two hands, well six hands.  That’s how my mom did things with us when I was a kid. We’d make practically everything by hand.  And it was fun.  Those were some of my favorite memories.  The best part wasn’t the beauty of the final product (my kixlace was the bomb make no mistake) but the tons of fun we had making it.  I think any mom would agree that seeing delight and a sense of accomplishment in your child’s eyes is better than any gift.

Here are my top 12 picks for Mother’s Day or any day really:

Long dress – You just can’t go wrong with a wrap dress…and Spanx

Closet fit flare dress – This is just adorable.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

Maxi dress – Let if flow.  Let it flow.

Fit flare dress – From brunch to wedding to church even to WERK!

Maxi dress – Even though it’s white, this will be a year ’round go-to.

Chiffon dress – Talk about stylish.  I want this now!

Top – Imagine the possibilities.

Long white top – No wardrobe is complete without a fresh white top.

Long sleeve top – So, I need this one too.

Sleeveless top – I don’t usually do sleeveless but this right here…

Dolman sleeve knit top – Because moms are always cold…at least this one is.

Crochet shawl – For obvious reasons.

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The ball’s in your court.  What are some of your Mother’s Day ideas?  Even better, do you have Mother’s Day traditions?  I’m always up for hearing about what other people do.  I spend Mother’s Day at church.

Because I love freebies and lists of all shapes and sizes, I created a handy dandy list that you can print off and download for your shopping convenience.  If you download it you’ll be able to click on the links in the shopping guide!  Snazzy!

Print this Mother’s Day Shopping List

Mother's Day Shopping List (2)

I hope you can use these tips this year and the years to come.



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