The 10 Minute Workout Even I Can Do!

If I ever tell you that I enjoy working out, please know that I’m lying through my teeth.  I abhor working out.  Now, the euphoric feeling after working out…I love that.  It’s the whole process of actually working out that I don’t like.

Since I’m no spring chicken and gravity is becoming my arch nemesis day by day, I decided I really need to do something to “get my life” {do people still say that?}.  So, thanks to Pinterest, I found a routine that anyone, and I mean ANYONE can do.  It’s a 10 minute routine so, no, you’re not going to look like Beyonce in a week, but if you stick to it and of course eat right…yadda…you can come close…perhaps…maybe.  Let’s get on with it.


You can actually stop what you’re doing now and do this workout.  If you really put effort into it, you’ll get a good sweat.  I typically repeat this set 4 times, which for me equals 10-15 minutes.  Give it a shot.



4 thoughts on “The 10 Minute Workout Even I Can Do!

  1. Thanks for sharing this – this is a workout that is definitely achievable! We can always spare 10 mins a day…short term pain, long term gain!

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