Dressing for Fall in Cali + The Substitute

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It is so important for parents to instill a sense of destiny in their children.  Once they realize that they have immeasurable potential, there is no stopping them.  I am not saying that they won’t deviate from the path – all of us have done that.  But thank God they have been given a path to deviate from.

In Genesis, the Lord promised Eve a seed.  He said, “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel” (Gen 3:15).  When Eve produced what she may have thought to be the promised seed, there were real problems….  In the heat of rage, Cain killed his brother….  Now her eldest son was a criminal on the run, and her younger son was snuffed out in the prime of life….  She was supposed to be the mother of all living and all she had raised was a corpse and its murderer.

But God unwrapped the blanket of failure from around her and blessed her with another son.  His name she called “Seth.”  Seth means “substituted.”  …Suddenly, as she held her new baby in her arms, she began to realize that God is sovereign.  If He decrees a thing, it will surely come to pass….  Eve called her third son “Seth,” for she understood that if God makes a promise to bless someone, He will find a way! Even if it means appointing a substitute, He will perform His promise.

God’s purpose was not aborted when Cain killed Abel.  In spite of the fact that life has its broken places, ultimately everything God has ever said will come to pass….  Satan tries to assassinate the will of God in your life.  Nevertheless, He who has begun a good work in you shall perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.  When we suffer loss like Eve did, there is a feeling of forlornness.  However, you cannot allow past circumstances to abort future opportunity.  If you have experienced loss in your life, I tell you that God has a way of restoring things you thought you would never see again.  





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