#StyleWERKshop Blogger Challenge

style werkshop

Many of you know that I created a Facebook group called Bloggers Like Me.  It’s a community of almost 2,000 bloggers from across the country and overseas.  While the blog genres vary, the similarity among us all is that we have a deep interest in sharing resources and building genuine friendships online and through meet ups.

I like to keep our members connected through our monthly newsletter {which you can subscribe to here}, the website  and on the Facebook page.  In doing so, I’ve come to realize that a large majority of our bloggers are fashion bloggers and what do fashion bloggers like to do best?  Share their creative take on styling.  So, we’ve come up with a fun way to connect and share our individual style sense with a challenge called #StyleWERKshop.

With the #StyleWERKshop challenge bloggers will be put to the task of styling a certain item and sharing their post on the BLM website.  The challenge kicked off Nov 1st. with the first piece being the boyfriend jean (my personal favorite).  As you may know by now via the newsletter, the second challenge item is the infamous pencil skirt.  Going forward my Fashion Du Jour Instagram account will also host the #StyleWERKshop challenge for Instagramers who don’t have a blog, but want to join the fun.  Here’s how to participate via Instagram:

1.  Follow @FashionDuJour and @BLMGirls on Instagram and Twitter.

2.  Share a picture showing how you styled the challenge item using the #StyleWERKshop hashtag.  That’s it.

I’m looking forward to seeing how you style your pencil skirt.  Remember the challenge starts Nov. 29th and ends December 13th.






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