Fall is Here and I’m Glad About It

By now you guys know that I dress pretty modestly…for the most part.  I mean, you’ll never find my wearing something that shows a ton of skin.  Not only is it contrary to my beliefs of how women and girls should dress if they want to be taken seriously, but let’s face it, 40 is knocking on my door in just 6 short years, I have 4 impressionable young children and I’m a very special someone’s wife.  For all these reasons, I live for the cooler months of the year when I don’t look suspect layering two and three tops at a time.

However, because L.A. is essentially seasonless, I feel like I’m still wearing shorts and flips well into the winter season.  Today’s look is just that.  But ask me if I’m comfortable…yup!  I’ve given up sacrificing comfort for fashion.  I just can’t do it.

shorts in the fallshorts in the fallshorts in the fall

So, that pretty much sums it up.  I guess you could say I’ve matured, but let’s be clear, I don’t plan on quitting this blogging thing any time soon.

Do you agree that at some point being a fashionista becomes overrated?



9 thoughts on “Fall is Here and I’m Glad About It

  1. Yes! I agree. I can’t do the super high heels anymore. My feet loves comfy shoes. I’m no longer scarificing comfort for fashion. At some point, buying tons of clothes gets expensive! And there’s much more to life than clothes.

  2. I think so to an extent. At 35 I would rather spend my money investing in my children’s future or spending it wisely to make sure that in my case I am able to continue staying home with them and chasing my passion instead of working to shop as I have in the past. That being said, I still love clothes and getting dressed up but I’ve become more creative in getting in my fashion fix from thrifting to clearance shopping only, and now comfort trumps EVERYTHING!!

    Amazing how life shifts and it’s even more amazing when we learn to embrace that and make things work even if it means in a different capacity.

    1. So true! Maybe it’s not that I don’t like style and fashion like I did when I was younger but that I now have other things in my life that are more deserving of my attention and money, like you said.

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