The Pumpkin Patch – Do’s & Don’ts from a Mommy of 4

how to stay safe at the pumpkin patch

Pumpkin Patching has become a bit of a family tradition in the Young home.  While we don’t celebrate Halloween, we do like to enjoy the petting zoos and pumpkin hunting that come this time of the year.  I will say, however, that there are some things to keep in mind when you’re at the pumpkin patch.  Here are a few of my do’s and don’ts.

children at pumpkin patchpumpkin patch safety children at pumpkin patch

DO bring antibacterial spray.  All I’ll say is e.coli.

DO wear closed toe shoes.  It finally dawned on me this year that the hay that I’m walking on, is likely infested with animal hair, fleas and other bugs, and probably feces.

DO bring a disposable blanket.  If you’ve come to the pumpkin patch expecting to take pictures of your darling little babies, bring a blanket for them to sit on so you can get the perfect shot.  You definitely don’t want them sitting on the hay.

DO go before noon.  Just like people, animals get tired too and just like people, animals can become irritable and snappy when they’re tired.  Spending the earlier part of the day with the animals is a good time to catch them at their best.

.054pumpkin patch safety children at pumpkin patch.022

DO bring a camera.  Moments like these you’ll want to capture so that you can reminisce when you’re old and gray.

DO wear costumes, but don’t go overboard.  Now this might sound like a contradiction to another tip but hear me out.  There’s nothing wrong with dressing your little one up, sitting  him on a haystack next to a pumpkin and taking a few snaps.  It’s when you begin to draw a crowd and begin telling your baby to “WERK” that it becomes a problem.

DO make sure everyone has used the restroom before arrival.  Pumpkin Patch restrooms are high on my list of GROSS!

DON’T treat the pumpkin patch like your personal photo shoot.  Truly, everyone comes to the pumpkin patch with hopes of picking up a few plumpies and snapping a few pics, so be mindful of those around you who have also come to enjoy the scenery.  Try not to hoard the best picture spots.

pumpkin patch safety children at pumpkin patch

DON’T bother the resting animals.  We all need our rest. An unrested animal is the makings of a late breaking news story.  I’ll have no parts of that.

DON’T sit or stand on the pumpkins.  For goodness sakes someone might have wanted to buy one.  And even if they didn’t, would you like someone standing on the plumpie pumpkin you picked out?  Probably not.

DON’T eat.  If you’re eating at the pumpkin patch, you’re more than likely swallowing a couple million animal germs that you wouldn’t normally consume.  And if you’re a finger licker, you might as well sign up for a hospital bed now.  I’m kidding, but think about the tons of bacteria that live at the pumpkin patch and the potential to digest some of that if you’re eating.

DON’T bring your own food to feed the animals.  Just because you like Flaming Hot Cheetos doesn’t mean the animals will.  If you want to feed the animals, buy the food provided so that you don’t harm them.

DON’T wear scary costumes.  Pumpkin patches are where you’ll find kids and babies, so please don’t scare the babies.

DO have a blast!

Did I miss anything? What are your do’s and don’ts?



7 thoughts on “The Pumpkin Patch – Do’s & Don’ts from a Mommy of 4

  1. I can’t believe you have four babies, a hubby, and do all this amazing blogging. You, my dear, are a superwoman! Great tips, BTW. Can’t wait until my nephew is old enough for me to test them out!

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