5 Must Have Boots for Fall

FIVE FALL MUST HAVE BOOTSIf I had to choose, I’d say Fall is my favorite season.  The cooler temps invite you to layer up and mix and match to your heart’s content.  Fall also brings a reason to change up your footwear options.  But before you pull out your boots and booties, take a look at my five must have boots for Fall.

Your DAILY BOOT is the boot you can pull out at a moment’s notice and add to any Fall outfit.  A dark leather boot is optimal and is easiest to maintain.  It will hide scuffs and dirt better than a light fabric.  Wear them with bright colored tights and a short dress or with a pair of jeans.  Of all of your boots, these are the ones you don’t want to skimp on.  You’ll definitely get your money’s worth.


RIDING BOOTS are classic fall footwear.  They will certainly keep your legs warmer and are great if you want to completely change up the look of your outfit.  This boot option can rise above the knee, but typically stops at the knee.  Find a boot with an elastic shaft for the most comfortable fit especially if you have muscular calves.


ANKLE BOOTIES have a short rise which typically does not reach higher than a few inches above the ankle.  The heel height varies which makes them extremely versatile.  Not only are they versatile, they are also a very calf-friendly option for obvious reasons.  Often times boots are a challenging fit because the fabric that goes around the calf can be tight and uncomfortable.  With ankle boots you don’t have that worry.FIVE FALL MUST HAVE BOOTS

COMBAT STYLE BOOTS are an easy way to add a funky rocker vibe to any outfit without trying too hard.  They can be worn to church on Sunday, work on Monday and the basketball game on Friday.  They’re very versatile.  The other great thing about combat boots is they never go out of style. You’ll have them forever so this is also an item that you might want to shell out the extra bucks to get a durable pair.


In warmer months heeled sandals are the go-to shoe, but with cooler Fall temps a DRAMATIC HEELED BOOTIE will add a stylish finishing touch to your outfit.  This is the boot to have fun with.  A leopard, snake-print or geometric-print will take your outfit up a notch, but make sure you don’t spend a ton on this option as you will not get as much wear out of them as you would a more toned down bootie.


What Fall footwear trends are you looking forward to?




8 thoughts on “5 Must Have Boots for Fall

  1. Always loved riding boots because they’re super chic, but I live in Asia and riding boots are clearly not hot weather-friendly!

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