Apparently I’m a Drunk…but let me explain!

It’s no secret that the number of hours of sleep that you get, directly affects your ability to be productive, but did you know that too much sleep can actually kill you?  This 3 minute video explains the science behind too little sleep, too much sleep and how many hours you actually need to reach peak performance.


So back to the whole issue of me being drunk, today I learned that people who get 4-6 hours of sleep are actually functioning at the same cognitive level as someone who is drunk with a blood alcohol level of 1.2.  When I think about it, funny as it sounds, it really does explain a lot.  Wait till I tell my husband, “Husband, I’m sorry but you’re on kid duty, I need to go to sleep because I’m drunk!”  That’ll play out nicely!  LOL

How many hours of sleep do you require?



4 thoughts on “Apparently I’m a Drunk…but let me explain!

    1. It’s like a fact of life for me. I tell myself that I owe it to my family to give them every ounce of energy I have, but then maybe what they need is for me to get enough sleep so I can be the best me I can be. UGH!

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