Set Them Apart – Wednesday Prayer



When I look at my children, it’s hard to accept the fact that in just a few short years, they’ll be making their own decisions.  I pray that the environment mommy and daddy create for them, the love we pour into them and the lessons we teach them will come to their remembrance when it comes time to make difficult decisions.  If I could help it, I’d be that little cricket from Pinocchio and just sit on each of their shoulders directing them in which way to go, but life just isn’t that way.

Call me old school, or plain old mean, but I know how much of an impact friends can play in the lives of young people so as much as I can, I will be keeping close tabs on the children that my children choose to befriend.  Maybe I’ve watched one too many episodes of Nancy Grace but there will be no sleepovers on my watch, not at my house, not at their house, not in a boat not with a goat.  Not happening.  Isn’t prayer and faith supposed to be all you need, you might ask?  Well, I’m also adding a pinch of wisdom!


Do you consider yourself an over-protective parent?



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