MOMMY 101: What’s in my Diaper Bag? //FREE PRINTABLE


Baby number four and I can probably pack a diaper bag in my sleep.  There are several must have items for every diaper bag toting parent to remember.  For the diaper bag packing amateurs, this is the post for you.  No one likes having to make an emergency pit stop to buy diapers when you have a ton at home, so here is a convenient checklist for you to print out and keep closeby.

Poopy Bags – these are for dirty diapers, but they come in handy if the kids soil their clothes as well, or for getting rid of what else… Trash.

Hair Brush – maybe it’s just me but my kids seem to always find a way to dishevel their hair 5 seconds after I finish combing it.

Mommy snack – a protein bar, mini box of raisins, nuts…packing something to hold you over until you get to where you’re going is always a good idea.

Diapers – This is one to make sure you check each and every time you leave the house.

Pacifier – If your baby uses a pacifier make sure you pack at least 2 because one is bound to fall on the ground.  Amazon has a really convenient pacifier holder that will keep those little guys off the ground.

Spoon/Fork – Most restaurants don’t have utensils for your toddlers to use so rather than ending up with a lapful of food, pack some utensils for the kids.

Wipes – this goes with the diapers. Make sure you have them.

Hand Sanitizer – I’m not over-exaggerating when I say that it’s super important to keep your hands clean with babies. As it is, they put almost everything in their mouths.  Hand sanitizer limits those germies.

Lysol spray – Like I said, germs are everywhere.  I use lysol ESPECIALLY in the bathroom.  I spray the toilet seat and wipe it off and then I also put at least 2 seat covers before any of the kids come near the toilet.

Desitin – Diaper rashes are a bummer, but being prepared when you first notice them is key.  I don’t use Desitin cream with every diaper change because I feel like it’s so heavy and the smell isn’t so great.  However, it’s great for getting rid of the rashy rash.

Kid snack – Depending on what your child eats, grab some goodies to take on the road.

Clothes & socks – They’re kids and accidents will happen.  Bring a spare change of clothes and socks just in case.

Band-aids – Get an assorted pack of Band-aids and keep them in your bag.  Here’s a trick, when kids complain about ouchies and you get the hint that they’re being a little overly dramatic (maybe that’s just my kids) putting a Band-aid on it is seems to magically heal all wounds…real or imagined.

Cloth diapers – These are great to use as burp cloths, emergency changing pads, when dampened they’re great for wiping drippy noses.

Bottled water – because you always need bottled water.

Changing pad – Would you ever walk into a filthy public restroom, pull down your pants and sit on the floor?  Your baby wouldn’t want to either.  Be sure to bring that changing pad.


 Anything I’m forgetting?



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