How to Pick an RSS Reader

RSS reader
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary.  Essentially, it’s a tool used for collecting the most current website content and condensing into one place.  It also saves the hassle of having to sign up for a newsletter on each website.  RSS tools usually offer the option to either receive a single email listing the new content for each of the websites you’ve subscribed to.  Other RSS tools store new content for you to access at your leisure.  You can opt to have the tool update automatically at specified intervals (hourly, daily, etc.) or set it up to be updated manually.


Prior to using an RSS tool, I had the hardest time trying to remembering the URLs for the newest and best blogs I came across.  With the RSS, I simply copy and paste the blog URL into my reader’s subscription bar and voila.  No more trying to remember new URLs or adding them to my browser bookmarks.  It’s also convenient because depending on which RSS Tool you use you can upload an app to your phone for convenience, or you can access it online.  I have a habit of checking my email and such at various points of the day using my iPad, phone or laptop.  Even better, they tool syncs so that I’m not looking through the same content…just the new!  I also have been trying to make it more of a habit to comment on blogs regularly.  This tool allow you to immediately comment and “favorite” the posts you want.

rss reader

For those of you who have blogs or websites and want to add an RSS tool for your readers, it’s pretty simple.  Most blog host sites, like WordPress, have a widget available for you to add the RSS option in one step.  There are typically options for the reader to subscribe to your newest content, or to the comments left on your blog.  The reader can determine which she’d like to subscribe to.

rss reader

Here are some RSS tools and what they’re compatible with:

AmphetaDesk – Windos, Mac

FeedReader – Windows

NewsGator – Windows, Outlook

Feedly –  Mac, Android

Newsblur – Mac, Windows

RSS reader

I subscribe to about 100 blogs and for me to keep track of each of them individually, I wouldn’t stand a chance.  In the past I used the Google Reader tool which I loved but for whatever reason that tool is no longer around.  Now I use InoReader.  What I love most about InoReader is that there’s a synced app so I can read my favorite blogs wherever I go.  I’ve also changed the options so that I don’t get chiming notifications on my phone.  I suggest this tool because it’s extremely easy to use.



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