Prayer For My Sons – Wednesday Prayer

prayer for boys

 With all that that I’ve seen on the news these past few months {not to mention all the atrocities that don’t reach the news circuit} surrounding our black sons, I can’t help but seek God’s protection over the black boys and men in my life, especially my sons.  I’ve always tried to be a glass-half-full kind of person when it comes to racism and injustices of the like, but there’s really no other way to look at these recent events.  From Donald Sterling’s casual racism to the death of a young man in Ferguson at the hands of police officers, I’m realizing that we live in a society where racism is very real especially for black men. I never thought I’d have to teach my children about the importance of yielding to police authority appropriately.  It’s just not something that ever crossed my mind.  Maybe I’m the naive one.

How are you talking with your children about the recent events of racism?



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