MOMMY 101: 20 Items to Pack in Your Hospital Bag?

I’m going to be completely honest.  With Jaxon, I was super prepared way in advance of my due date.  It almost became an obession.  The nursery was done, the closet was organized the diapers and wipes were in size order, everything was perfect and like I said, way in advance of my due date.

All of my deliveries have been a breeze so consequently, I started to get more and more lax with the hospital prep, namely my hospital bag.  With Jonny, I prepped my bag about a week before his due date, which in normal people’s time is cutting it very very close.  It’s not that I had been procrastinating it was that I kept getting distracted, which happens so easy to a pregnant brain.  I had everything I needed except for JONNY’S CLOTHES!  #FAIL  How do you forget to pack your newborn baby’s clothes?  Hello?  Someone…Bueller?  Just completely and totally forgot and didn’t even realize it until we were about to head home from the hospital.  Thank goodness for a sweet and understanding husband who puts up with my blonde moments.

For those of you who are much better at life than me, here’s what I packed in my hospital bag and of course something very important that I didn’t pack.  Make sure you get your bag packed at least 2 weeks early.

Coming from a lady who’s had 4 children (wow, it’s crazy typing that) here are the must have items for your hospital bag.  You don’t have to run out and purchase these exact brands, but just make sure you have these items in your bag.  Got it?

Hospital Bag



1.  Bath Robe – Bring at least one robe {two is better} that you don’t mind getting soiled.  Some moms don’t like to wear the hospital gown at all and prefer their own garments, which is totally your choice and if that’s you, then bring two.  I don’t mind the hospital gown because it gives you the easiest access to taking care of your business if you know what I mean {you probably don’t but you will}.  Be aware that your robe could get blood on it, and whatever robe you bring it should allow you to nurse {if you plan to nurse}.
2.  Skid-Free Socks – Be sure and bring a pair of socks with the rubbery bottom to prevent skidding.  Once you’re out of the bed, you don’t want to worry about possibly slipping on the hospital floor.  Some moms also opt to walk the hospital halls while pushing their baby in the crib so skid-free socks are important.  If you don’t bring socks, ask the nurse staff if they have socks you can borrow.  The last thing you want is to catch a cold or bring any more germies home with you.  PS. the hospital will give you a plastic bag to put your belongings in when you arrive.  Use this bag to put your soiled garments and make sure hubby dumps then in the washing machine as soon as you get home.
3.  Nursing Bra – There’s so much I can tell you about nursing, but we’ll stick with the bra for now.  If you plan to nurse, this is a necessity.  Nursing bras come in all kinds of designs.  I personally like the one above that allows you to snap and unsnap the breast flap.  It makes things so much easier.
4.  Comfortable Sandals – Be sure to bring a comfortable pair of slides or sandals that you can wear home from the hospital.  Again, make sure they are comfortable and non-slip.  After giving birth, your lower extremities are usually pretty week.  I’ve personally made the mistake of underestimating how weak my legs are and the fact that my body is still recovering and could have almost taken a spill a time or two.
5. Duffle Bag – If you want to bring a big cute bag, bring it.  Since the hubby was lugging everything into the hospital, we opted to bring a manly Nike duffle bag.  Make sure the bag is not overstuffed as there are typically items you’ll bring home with you from the hospital {for example, formula, feminine pads, disposable panties}.
6.  Phone + wallet + ID + Insurance Card + Hospital papers – Seems like a no brainer, but it’s so easy to forget to bring these very important items.  When you know it’s time to head to the hospital, ditch the purse and just put these 4 essential items in the duffle.
7.  Eyeglasses – If you wear eyeglasses, bring them.  You want to see what the bun in the oven looks like dontcha?
8.  Sponge/Washcloth – Hospitals usually don’t provide toiletries.  Take your shower sponge and/or washcloth.
9.  Soap – While I don’t recommend that you applying lotion or any other moisturizer, since your baby is still so fresh, I do recommend bringing a fragrance free soap for showering and wash-up. You might even want to bring the soap you’ll be using to bathe your baby and use that.
10.  Brush – Take only your essential hair products like a brush. You want to look at least halfway decent in your pictures?  Trust me bring it. Otherwise, in 10 years when you’re looking back at these hospital pictures you’ll be blaming hubby for “not telling you” that you looked a mess.  I learned the hard way. LOL
11.  Baby Layette – Bring at least 2 pairs of baby clothes including a head beanie and blanket.  Since baby’s body is learning to regulate it’s temperature he’s going to need your help to keep him warm and comfortable.  Even if it feels warm out to you, it’s good to keep a light blanket on him over his clothes.
12.  Book/Kindle – Especially if you’re being induced, bring a book or something to keep you entertained as labor can take a while.  I had an epidural with all 4 of my children so literally once it kicked in, I either fell asleep or watched TV.
13.  Toothbrush + Toothpaste – because no one wants to smell stinky breath, not even baby.
14.  Nursing Pads – These guys come in all kinds of varieties.  I use the disposable kind from Lansinoh and I love them!  Even if you’re opting not to nurse, you’ll still need nursing pads because your body naturally produces milk, if you don’t pump or nurse you’ll have leakage, not to mention painfully engorged breasts.
15.  Nursing Cream – The fact that nurses and doctors sometimes don’t tell you is that nursing is painful at first. If nothing else, it’s uncomfortable.  Not all women, but some women have a difficult time nursing which leads to dry, cracked and even bleeding nipples.  If this is you, ALWAYS consult a lactation specialist first.  When choosing a cream to use, make sure you select a product that is 100% pure lanolin.  This will heal your nipples the fastest and is the safest for your baby.
16.  Chapstick – The whole process of delivering a baby is dehydrating.  Once baby is born, you’ll want to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, of course. Chapstick is also important.
17.  Deodorant – Another item to make sure and pack.  It’s just as important as the toothbrush and toothpaste.
18.  iPad – Another device to divert your attention while waiting for baby to make his debut.
19.  Comfy Go-Home Outfit – Because your luxurious stay at the hospital has to come to an end eventually, be sure to pack  a lightweight outfit for the ride home.
20.  Charger – You don’t want to miss any of those precious moments so make sure you have all of your necessary gadget chargers.
I pray that your pregnancy and delivery are all that you want it to be.

3 thoughts on “MOMMY 101: 20 Items to Pack in Your Hospital Bag?

  1. This is amazing! I had my hospital bag packed by 36 weeks and went two weeks over due and in the 6 weeks it was packed, I didn’t even think to put a vest in there to wear under her clothes 🙈

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