MOMMY 101: Baby’s Here!



You know the feeling.  You roll into work a few minutes late hoping to squeeze by to your desk without anyone noticing.  That’s kind of the feeling I have about this blog post.  I feel soo terrible that I’ve been away from the blog for so long that it’s almost awkward coming back.  Here’s the truth, I’ve been major MIA for a while quite honestly because I was beginning to get blogger’s remorse.  Did I just coin a term?  Blogger’s remorse is the feeling of regret from neglecting your family and loved ones for the sake of blogging.  Now I guess I can’t say I was full on neglecting my family and loved ones, but it just felt like every time I had a small chunk of time to work on a post, I felt the need to instead read a book with my littles, play Barbies or take a walk with them.  As a result, the blog suffered.

Blogger’s remorse coupled with the fact that I didn’t have the energy to put together an outfit that would fit, much less look cute, led me to take somewhat of a sabbatical.  Still, it would have been nice for me to mention that instead of disappearing off the face of the earth.  All that’s to say, I’m sorry for being away for so long.

For now, I wanted to share with you all that baby Jonny Luis Young was born on Friday, July 25th and this picture was taken just seconds after he was put into daddy’s arms.  He’s a dream.  There’s something about the bond between mothers and sons that’s unlike anything on earth.  I’m writing this post as he’s napping, which will probably be the norm for quite a while.  Stay tuned for more pics (better pics) of Jonny et al in upcoming posts.

Thanks for sticking with me.



10 thoughts on “MOMMY 101: Baby’s Here!

  1. What a cutie patootie he is.. Hey Jonny!

    I have that same guilt going on right now with my blog “blog remorse” but I was warned. Supporters are the best nonetheless, look forward to your posts.

  2. I believe we all have bloggers remorse from time to time for different reasons or another. Reader’s understand life happens. I cant wait to see more pictures of your little one. I know you are settling into babyhood (just made that up) beautifully.



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