What are “InstaGRAMMYS”?  They’re some of my most favorite instagram pics of late. If you’re not following me on Instagram you can @fashiondujour.

Here’s a summary of what you see starting top left to right…

1. The fist pump.  We signed Jaxon up for basketball at the YMCA. He has his celebratory fist pump down pat.  The first of many to come I’m sure.

2.  This pile is just a few of the art pieces he brought home from school.  Jaxon’ s last day of Kindergarten was May 19th.  I’m still in denial.

3.  Julia face fans.  We decided {I was determined} to go with the face fan for Julia’s birthday.  It was a hit!  I made them with card-stock and tongue depressors.

4.  A snapshot of some of the decor for the girls’ room.  With little Jonny Luis on the way we’ve done some redecorating.  If I had it my way, they would all share the same room.  It builds character!  LOL  But I realize that it’s sort of unrealistic and probably a little mean.

5.  Boy Oh Boy photo booth sign.  For the intimate baby reveal party we had, I created photo booth signs which read “Gorgeous Girl” {see #4} and “Boy Oh Boy”.  I think they came out pretty neat.  I went super crafty with these because they were last minute and I couldn’t find anything store-bought.  I glued 7 sheets of black construction paper together.  Waited for them to dry and then drew a speech bubble with white marker.  I cut the speech bubble out and hand-wrote the text.  I taped bamboo sticks {which actually belong to some of my living room decor} to the back of the signs and voila.

6.  Bump Styling.  It’s no secret this belly is growing so I made a collage of the outfit that I wouldn’t mind wearing every single day until D day {July 28ish}.

7.  White Chocolate Confetti Coated Brownies.  I found this recipe on pinterest and it looked easy enough so I made these for Julia’s class birthday party.

8.  Missing Tooth.  Self-explanatory.

9.  Bloggers Like Me Brunch.  A few of the BLM Girls and I go together for brunch at Marmalade Cafe.  We talked hair, handbag making, child-rearing and Jesus.

10.  He shoots. He scores.

11.  #TBT First Day of Kindergarten.  I told you I was in denial.

12.  Silly faces.  To celebrate my niece Nyann’s birthday, Jaxon and Julia joined them at the movies to see, How to Train a Dragon.

13.  Did I tell you I’m pregnant.  Headed from to the Dodger’s game.

14.  Avid reader.  Jaxon joined a summer reading program and is stoked about the thought of winning a pizza party.

15.  Cooking with Granny.  Jaxon and cousin Ryan are making breakfast pancakes.

16.  Making a wish.  One sure way to keep kids busy, water!

17.  Field Trippin.  Daddy took Jaxon on the last field trip of the year to Adventure City.  They had a blast.  Clearly!

18.  Tooth Fairy Reciept.  Kind of like a push gift…kinda!

19.  It’s a Boy!  Snap from the reveal.  The blue balloon makes it so official!

20.  The gang.  Levi, Jaxon, Julia, Zuri and Carey on a play date.

21.  Craft time.  I gave them a task of pulling out pictures from magazines,  making a collage, then telling me what their collage was about.  We’re having a TV boycott.

22.  Sweet Jayde.  We were at a friends for a surprise cookout and sweet Jayde gave me some sweet kisses.  She’s precious.

23.  Summer Staples.  These are some of what I’d consider to be summer essentials and for under $50!

24.  Jaxon and cousin Olivia.  She’s the sweetest chunky baby ever!

25.  School pictures.  I’m still amazed at how perfect Jayde’s picture came out.  You know kids.  I’m even more flabbergasted by the fact that Julia’s moving on to Kindergarten already.

So that’s some of what’s been going on in my world for the past month or so.  How have you been spending the last month?



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