Baby Reveal

baby revealNever in a million years could you have told me I would be a mother of 4.  Not in 100 million years!  But, honestly, I’m beyond excited that we’re rounding out the family with a baby boy.  It just feels complete.

For the last three “showers” (quotes because I don’t know if you’d technically call them showers but whatever), we went the traditional route.  We found out as soon as we could what the gender was going to be and determined the names too.

This  go around we had a baby reveal.  A baby reveal is when you gather your friends and loved ones and share the sex of the baby with everyone.  Some parents choose to learn the sex and keep the secret for the guests.  Others, like us, choose to find out the sex of the baby with the rest of the guests.  We also opted to share the name with the guests.

Here’s how it went.

baby reveal

We decorated with white, yellow and grey.  Centerpieces were yellow flower pots willed with white hydrangea flowers.

baby reveal

Couldn’t find the right write-on signs in the stores so I made these by gluing sheets of black construction paper together and using a white marker to outline the speech bubble and fill in the text.  I think glued it to a reed I had around the house.
baby reveal

You can never go wrong with spa water.  We did a lemon + orange ice water and Jon’s famous diabetical lemonade.  I fell in love with a box of striped paper straws from Party City.  4

The appetizers were a combination of foods that I’ve been craving during this pregnancy.  I found a ton of super cute skewers and appetizers on Pinterest so I choose a few and they turned out delish!  These were strawberry + banana + grape + mango.  Mmm…mango!5

I love Caprese salad and this was the next best thing.  I cut the cheese into little flower shapes using a cookie cutter.  I thought it added a cute touch.  Tomato slices + mozzarella cheese + basil leaves + balsamic vinagrette.  Love mozza!

Cilantro + jack cheese + guacamole + sea salt sprinkles + toast squares + cilantro leaves.  Pretty much all of my favorite things all the time.

Something about obnoxius big white balloons!  I made a tassel for each of them.  Tinsel + twine + multicolored silk ribbons + paper “J” initial cutout.8

Rubber duckies were the perfect accent.  They also served as a treasure hunt game.  We hid ducks around the yard with a prize going to the person who found the “lucky” duck!

I’m OBSESSED with mini flags lately.  I made cupcakes flags with JLY initials on them.9


Jayde was wondering what all the commotion was about.


Little Miss Sunshine!

The girls at play.13a

Jaxon explaining the name game.  14



Julia was the perfect helper.

The polaroid frame was a hoot!18


Jon sharing the menu after prayer.

My prince.20

The girls, Jayde, Julia and cousin Jai.21

My sweet friend Colleen.22

Mommy’s helper.  We played an alphabet game where the participant hangs clothes pins on a line of string for each name they can think of in alphabetical order in 30 seconds.  The participant with the most pins wins.23

Now the time we had all been waiting for.  How did we do it?  I asked my doctor to write the results of my ultrasound in a sealed envelope.  We had the results at home for weeks, but neither of us peeked.  The day before the party I took a large box and the sealed envelope to Party City.  I asked them to open the envelope and fill the box with small white balloons and one large balloon, either pink or blue, depending on what the envelope said.  They sealed the box and I picked it up at the end of the day to wrap it.   They returned the envelope back to me sealed.  24

As you can see Jayde was there but in lullaby land.25


Jaxon and Julia helped us unwrap the box.26

As you can see…IT’S A BOY!28

Our little family is growing.

Cheese!30God has blessed me with a wonderful husband whom I could have never imagined would make me so happy and give me the family I never knew I wanted but know I could never live without.




43 thoughts on “Baby Reveal

  1. I am just seeing this and excited as though it was yesterday. Everything looked so perfect! Wish my hubby and I had thought of this 10 years ago! Sigh! Well, always an opportunity to do some type of reveal.

    Congrats on the new edition to the family! What an awesome blessing!

  2. OMGoodness…Your family reveal shower was ABSOLUTELY beautiful. Two boys, two girls and beautiful parents is what God put together. Many blessings to your family. Hugggs coming your way. 🙌

  3. Aww!! This looks like it was a very fun baby shower! Great food and decorations; games galore; and cute kiddies everywhere! I’m definitely taking some notes! #BLMGirls

  4. Such a GREAT post. The details and photos are FAB! I wondered how you pulled it off. Now, I see! You have a beautiful family. Congrats!!! P.S. I love your outfit….and those shoes! ~Miss Sassy

  5. It was too sweet to read! You have a gorgeous family and your girls are darling! I have 4 boys myself, and it is crazy to have all them lil people because I never knew I would have that many kids! And thinking of number 5 now….
    Anyway, you look gorgeous, and keep raising your girls in God’s Word, my boys would need godly wives one day! lol

  6. So amazing Leslie! Truly a blessing! I loved the colors and decor for the baby shower! You all looked great in yellow and gray 🙂 Beautiful family ❤ He's going to be gorgeous 🙂

  7. Aw this was the cutest recap. I loved the yellow theme! You are so adorable and super glowing…you even painted your daughter’s nails yellow! Congrats to the baby boy! So exciting!! What a beautiful and blessed family you have!

  8. Absolutely love this!! Had a wonderful time at the party!! Thank you for sharing your precious moments with us all!! Congratulations again & I am soooo happy the Lord Blessed you all with the family you prayed for!!

  9. I loved this post! Years from now your son will be able to look back at that photo with the blue balloon and see how happy he made you guys. Good luck and God bless.

  10. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been waiting on this post and everything turned out beautifully! Congrats to you and your gorgeous family. God Bless!

  11. BOy OH BOY am I HAPPPY for you and your beautiful family. God bless you Leslie. I am praying and believing for a safe delivery. The picture of your hubby jumping when he found out the gender of the baby was priceless 🙂

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