MOMMY 101: What’ll It Be?



Nope, we still don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl.  The funniest thing is that my mom, who volunteers and my children’s school daily, was a little upset with me because a teacher at the school had come up to her and said, “Congratulations on the new grandson!”  My mom’s response was, “It’s a boy?”  Of course, my mom was wondering why I hadn’t told her first and apparently was waiting for the opportune time to ask me because she was a bit perturbed when she did.  But as it  turns out, Julia, had been spreading the news around school that I am having a boy.  Which is funny, because the teachers ask me almost daily if I know yet and I tell them I don’t.  They probably think I’m lying.  LOL  Oh Dear!

Truthfully, we don’t know yet, but this time around we want to do a reveal.  I’m not quite sure yet how that will all pan out because these next few months until September are usually very VERY chaotic in the Young household.  I’ll surely keep you posted.

If you have any fun reveal ideas I’d love to hear them!



5 thoughts on “MOMMY 101: What’ll It Be?

  1. You look so pretty, Leslie! And wouldn’t it be so cute if Julia is right and it is a boy? Children have a way of speaking things into existence. I remember last year when hubby and I told the oldest two I was pregnant with Jj. Do you know they told me they knew already because they asked God for a baby brother or sister? Kids, I tell ya.

    I saw some really cute ideas on Pinterest for gender reveal baby showers. Most of them make the cake the focal point– with the inside being pink if it’s a girl and blue for the boy.

    1. Awww thank you! It would be cute and funny! They have a name for him already! LOL Wow, your kids! Meanwhile, Julia asked me the other day when God was going to send her husband. WHAT?!?! Oy Vey! Pinterest has it all!

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