The Happy Wives Club | Review

FASHION DU JOUR | The Happy Wives ClubFASHION DU JOUR | The Happy Wives ClubFASHION DU JOUR | The Happy Wives ClubFASHION DU JOUR | The Happy Wives ClubFASHION DU JOUR | The Happy Wives ClubFASHION DU JOUR | The Happy Wives ClubFASHION DU JOUR | The Happy Wives ClubFASHION DU JOUR | The Happy Wives ClubFASHION DU JOUR | The Happy Wives ClubFASHION DU JOUR | The Happy Wives Club

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A friend of mine works PR and asked me if I wanted to review a book.  It was called The Happy Wives Club.  . I like to consider myself a “happy wife”.  I’m far from perfect and my marriage has challenges from time to time just like the next marriage, but we are happy.  So, I said sure and the book was on the way.

The book arrived with a short bio of the author, Fawn Weaver. Weaver loves being married but had begun to wonder where were the other happily married women.  Media portrays the existence of a happy marriage to be rare, but Fawn knew, “there must be others out there who view marriage and spending time with their husband as one of the absolute greatest blessings in their life,” as she did.  So, created a FB page and website dedicated to finding 1 million happy wives.  During this pursuit she decided to take her search global.  She set out to learn what makes a happy marriage by traveling all over the world having conversations with happily married couples.  Her book recounts what she learned during these chats over lunch, dinner and coffee and offers advice in the form of real life experiences.

Here’s an except…

” I remember a friend,”  Pat recounted, “who told me one day I was going to have to wake up from this bubble I was in and live in the real world.”  I knew exactly what her friend meant, because I’ve heard similar things throughout my marriage.

I asked if they had other couples similar to them, people they could hang out with who were fun, enjoyable, and adored each other as much as they did.  

“We have chosen our friends very carefully.  We have a lot of friends, but the ones we socialize with, go out with most often, we don’t have many of those because we might irritate them,” Henry responded.  “We have only a core group of friends we choose to be around, because they complement us and we think we complement them.  Others are destructive to our relationship.”

Henry and Pat are highly selective of who they associate with on a regular basis.  They’ve intentionally kept people close to them who are like-minded:  Specifically, those who put their marriages and families first.  Those who, as Henry put it, are not destructive.  They will not sit in the company of a couple who are not respectful of each other (a least not more than once).

I love how in just this short excerpt of Fawn’s conversation with Henry and Pat, there’s a beam of wisdom shared.  Many married couples struggle with distancing themselves with other couples who are not like-minded.  You can imagine how associating with another couple who always has something negative to say about each other is destructive.  If nothing else, it plants seeds of discord which can manifest down the road.

I’m considering a monthly YouTube review of this book.  A couple of chapters at a time.  I just think it would be awesome to share some of my insights and hear your thoughts and experiences as well.  What do you think?

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8 thoughts on “The Happy Wives Club | Review

    1. Too often, you’re right! Last night the family and I were so blessed to have a chance to meet up with another family for dinner at Olive Garden. It was soo good to have pleasant and positive conversation with a family that is successful and loves God.

  1. I’ll definitely be buying this book! The excerpt you chose was dead-on with a conversation my husband and I had a few nights ago. We used to hang out once a month with two other couples. One couple, was so negative and said such horrible things to each other that myself and the wife of the other couple decided we just couldn’t take it anymore. Needless to say, after wanting to disappear into thin air while in Friday’s, we stopped going out with that other couple.
    I’d love to hear your opinions/review of this book & will be buying it very soon myself. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m glad to hear that you and the other couple decided to distance yourselves from the negative couple. Misery loves company I guess. The book goes on to share an experience that this couple had. They said that on the nights that they found themselves around negative couples, they would subconsciously pick fights with one another not realizing it was because of the negativity they had digested with the other couple. Interesting. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I love this idea and can’t wait to get the book! Your excerpt was so right on with me and I am looking forward to reading more!

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