A Love Letter to My Little Girls!

My Dearest Girls,

You are smart!  You are kind!  And you are important!

By the time you read this letter, your dad and I will have made you to repeat these statements more times than you care to count, praying that you will eventually internalized them and believe them.  By the time  you read this letter, you will have had your first (or second crush), you’ll have experienced disappointment with friends, you’ll have fallen out with each other and reconciled.  By the time you read this letter, you’ll have played in each others’ clothes and mine and you’ll have confided in each other things that you may never share with me.

I think about the many nights when the house was asleep and  I stared at your sweet faces; looking for traces of your day.  Had someone hurt your feelings?  Did you remember your Bible Verse?  Did you find a seat at lunchtime?  Were my constant reminders to sit up straight, smile, say ‘yes’ instead of ‘ya’, cross your legs, make good choices, look both ways before crossing the street, think of others first…making a difference?  Was I being a good mom to you?  Was I setting a good example of a godly wife, mother and woman.  I cried those nights.  An explanation of why, could only fully be understood through the experience of having children of your own and the undying incomparable love that comes with motherhood.

Today is Valentine’s Day and with trepidation I anticipate the day that you experience true love for the first time.  When you meet someone who is patient and kind you will know love.  Someone who is not jealous, does not brag, and is not proud you will know love.  Someone who is not rude, selfish, and cannot be easily angered you will know love.  He will not recall to your remembrance wrongs done against him.  He is never happy when others do wrong, but it is always happy with the truth.  He will never give up on you.  He will never stops trusting you, lose hope in you, or quits on you (1 Cor 13: 4-7).  When God brings you that man who embodies this kind of love, you will experience true love.  But more important; to know love you must first love yourself.  You have to be patient and kind with yourself.  You have to forgive yourself and others.  You have to always keep hope in you heart and never give up on yourself.

I thank God now because I have faith that the husband He sends to each of you will be all the wonderful things I found in your father.  He will remind you of how beautiful and wonderful you are and how much of a blessing you are.  He will love you and cherish you.  He will be a great father and provider.  He will encourage you to believe in yourself.  He will lift you up during your times of trial and he will cover you with prayer.  And most of all, he will love you like nobody’s business.  Just like your dad.

Your father and I have and will pour everything we have, know and believe into your lives because we love you.  We know you will make mistakes, yet we love you.  We know you will have bad days, yet we love you.  We know you will be upset with us on occasion, yet we love you.  You are our daughters, our most beloved creation and gift from God.

Happy Valentine’s Day Julia and Jayde!  You will forever be mommy’s special Valentine’s.



5 thoughts on “A Love Letter to My Little Girls!

  1. This was so beautiful and inspiring, Leslie! I wish these same things for my own daughter. You are setting such a great example for your girls. Keep up the good work! xo

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