MOMMY 101: Month 4

pregnancy-help-how-to-fashion-maternityAt my last doctor’s visit, I had a split-second of fear.  While the doc was doing her routing ultrasound, she said that it appeared my placenta was covering the cervical opening (I’m pretty sure I said that wrong) which in short meant I would need to have a c-section.  She also said she was going to do another check to be 100% sure and something else about why this could happen. I sort of blanked after she said c-section.  I always pray that God will help me to deliver a healthy and while baby, but I never even thought about how. I guess I’m so used to just the routine delivery that a c-section never dawned on me.  Immediately, I began to think about a sterile room, my husband in a gown and mask, bright lights and a drape blocking my view of an impending surgical procedure.  I began to think about a painful recovery and a scaring and I got scared.  All kinds of thoughts started bombarding my mind.  Next thing I knew the doc said, “Oh good!  The placenta is just above the opening of the cervix and there’s no chance of it moving.”  Whew!  Just that fast.  I know women have c-sections every day but it just never even occurred to me that I might have one too.

My little baby is the size of an apple now.  In a few weeks we can find out the sex.  We’re thinking of doing a reveal.




[as of 2/6/14]



15 thoughts on “MOMMY 101: Month 4

  1. I love reading your pregnancy posts. I’m 15 weeks as well, but this is my first baby. My little bump is coming along. Yours is adorable! Praying for you to have a safe, healthy pregnancy and delivery. Please do the same for me!

  2. I also get scared each time the look on my doctor’s face changes. This is my first and haven had a surgery before, c-sections scares the daylight out of me. Interestingly, we are due around the same time! Turned 4 months on the 12th of Feb.

  3. For some reason I really enjoy reading certain mommy blogs/posts – although I’m not nor have I ever been (or will be anytime soon) pregnant! Does that make me weird?! Anwyhoo, I’m glad that everything is safe in there!

    1. It’s crazy because the thought of it never even ran across my radar. I didn’t even think of the possibility. Ever. I believe with every ounce of blood running through my veins that all would have been well, but you know how we are. Fear of the unknown. Interestingly, I’ve heard some women opt for a c-section. Something about not wanting to have to do it the traditional way. To each her own right? 🙂

  4. Yay, I’m glad you’ll get to avoid the knife! I’m carrying twins and praying that they move into proper position so that I don’t HAVE to have a c-section. I’ll be happy either way, but this mama-to-be wants to push!

  5. Super cute baby bump! I’m God turned that situation around! Sometimes when I feel a sense of adversity, fear, discouragement..It’s time to give those thoughts a 1-2 punch with prayer.

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