What to Wear on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fourteen days away and I’m beginning to think that the world is made up of 2 kinds of people; people who LOVE Valentine’s Day and people who LOATHE Valentine’s Day.  There’s never really an in-between.  I have a friend who jokingly calls Valentine’s Day, “Single Awareness Day” and while some may think of this holiday as a cruel trick to fool men into buying chocolate and flowers my single friend loves this day.  For her, it’s a chance to have a spa day and a night out with friends enjoying each other’s company.  For me, it’s a chance to pause and enjoy my husband’s company one-on-one.

Whether your idea of Valentine’s Day is a fancy dinner with that someone special in your life or a casual outing with your favorite girls, here are some fantastic looks to make your night a fashion success.

Depending where you go, Los Angeles night life is usually full of swanky lounges and romantically lit trendy restaurants.   If your Valentine’s Day includes a trip to one of these locations, it’s likely that you will want to go for a more “casual-glam” look.  Boyfriend jeans are still very much on trend and hide a multitude of sins.  So go ahead and order that slice of double chocolate cake because no one will see your insta-belly.  Not only are boyfriend jeans the most comfortable pair of jeans you’ll own, but they’re incredibly easy to transition from day to night.  You might wear your boyfriend jeans to work with a white buttoned-down shirt, black blazer and chocolate leather loafers.  Then at quitting time you can quickly transition them for your girls meet-up by ditching the jacket, swapping the shirt out for a pussy bow blouse and the loafers for a pair of dashing pumps.  Just add a red lip and some splashes of jewelry to accent and your outfit is perfection.

Casual ValentineThis second look is for the woman who has formal plans in store.  This night out calls for a look that is classy, classy, classy.  What’s the easiest way to accomplish a classy and chic look?  Stick to a solid colored dress with a simple shape, either fitted or curve- skimming.  This will draw attention to where you want it, your face.  However, that’s not to say that prints and colors are out of the question.  If you prefer a dress with some morsels of fun find a dress with all over print action.  My tip to you is to go for a dress that has very small dark prints.  The smaller and darker the print, the more flattering the dress will look.  Another option is to find a dress with some interesting combination of print and solid.  However, the rule still applies…the darker the better.  With the weather as unpredictable as it’s been of late, adding a pair of black opaque tights and black pumps will be the perfect topper to keep you warm but looking hot! 

Fancy Valentine

Regardless of what you wear and what you do, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!



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