The Fashion Hoard: 2014 Prom Nominations


It’s almost prom season again…yea, I said it!  Before you roll your eyes, think back to your high school days when prom and getting all dressed up was all you cared about…okay maybe that was just my friends.  Personally, I wasn’t super into prom because I was still breaking out of my tomboy shell, but I went and had a good time even with practically my whole family chaperoning me (older brother, his girlfriend, dad).  Good times.

The Fashion Hoard Glam Fairies are back and ready to shower a few deserving young ladies in the Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York areas with prom fashion.
Do you know any deserving young ladies? Or a family that can use a little help this prom season?
Then join The Fashion Hoard and nominate someone today!
In a few short lines tell why The Fashion Hoard should send their Prom Glam Squad to her home by sending and email to  Please include the following details:
1. Subject Line: 2014 Prom Nominee
2. Your Information: Name, Telephone, Email, relation to you
3. Nominee Information: Name, Age, School, Telephone, Email, State, Prom Date, Parents Contact Information
4. Tell us why we should send our Prom Glam Squad to her?
Submission deadline: Friday February 28, 2014
For further details please visit The Fashion Hoard .

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