MOMMY 101: Month 3


At this very moment, I’M STARVING…but I squandered about an hour away this morning loitering on FB when I should have been working so now I’m paying for it.

If you’ve been keeping up, you know that along with my bump growing, so has my appetite, sort of.  I am hungry all the time but I don’t have a taste for anything specific, which in my opinion is the worst kind of hungry ever!  Well, I’ll take that back.  Sometimes I do know what I want.  I know exactly what I want.  Like that one time that I told Jon I wanted him to get me that shrimp quesadilla that I had when we went to Miami.  Oh and the other time that I told him I wanted a ceasar salad with grilled salmon from this hotel bar in Manhattan Beach.  If you’re wondering if he got them, the answer is no, BUT he did save the day with a close second.  A turkey sandwich.  And as God is my witness, it was the best thing I’ve eaten in life folks!  IN.LIFE!  God bless him!  P.S. I did learn of a little treat that I’m tempted to try instead of my 1/4 cup of coffee (yes coffee).  It’s steamed milk with a shot of flavored syrup.  Tasty!

When it comes to baby, 12 weeks or 3 months means I’m officially finishing out the end of my first trimester.  I feel like I should get a diploma or something.  Well, you’ll be glad to know that at 3 months your uterus has now grown to the point where your doc can now feel the top if it (the fundus) which is at the bottom of your abdomen right above your pelvic bone.   FASCINATING! This is also around the time that pregnant women get heartburn.  I’ve been fortunate not to have had heartburn, thank goodness, but for those that do, I hear it tends to get worse when lying down.

When it comes to clothes, I prefer to wear my robe all day, but then that would make me feel lazy and then I wouldn’t get a thing done.  Leggings, however, are God’s gift.  Pink, purple, pink and purple, I don’t care I’ll wear them all.  They’re the absolute most comfy thing ever. And they’re so easy to dress up if and only if absolutely necessary.

This is what Baby J looks like at 12 weeks.  Baby J is the size of a lime.  Aww!




[as of 1/22/14]

Dear God,

Thank you!



10 thoughts on “MOMMY 101: Month 3

  1. Leslie, you’re absolutely gorgeous! I love your style. I’m six months along and the heartburn is KILLING me! I drink one cup of coffee nearly everyday (my treat to myself) and have been known to have a salad for breakfast. I know…strange huh? My husband just recently started asking me if I am having any cravings. I really don’t crave anything anymore. Well, accept for waffles. LOL!!! Love you!

    1. LOL! Not strange at all. I’ve been asking Jon for pancakes and ranch dressing! Now THAT’s wierd! MMMM waffles! I may ask Jon to stop at Roscoes! I’m sorry to hear you’re having the heartburn. My sis-in-law had it. Didnt sound fun. Just you wait, once baby gets here you’ll be head over heels and ready to do it all again! You see I ended up with 3 going on 4! XOXOXO!

  2. Hey Leslie,congrats! I am at the 12 week stage as well,excited to be reading right now because this is my 3rd child! Wait for it….my son is 15 this year and my daughter is 11, so I am so clueless, lol! I changed my friend’s nephews diaper last month and I didn’t do a good job! Hahahaha. Will be good to have a buddy mum to learn a few things from! Take care.

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