Newborn Survival Kit: Mommy 101

newborn survival kit

newborn survival kitnewborn survival kitnewborn survival kit

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When Jon and I were expecting our first child, we had the talk about the added expense, care for the baby after I went back to work and disciplining, you know, some of the common conversations that come up.  I think because we were so excited about bringing life into the world, the actualities of being parents were not something we could fathom.

I guess since I have three children, people tend to think I’m some kind of expert.  New and pregnant moms ask me for tips and I always get the “what do you do when…” question.  My response is almost always the same.  I tell them every child is different so what works for my child may not work for hers but I always share my experience.  And it’s not a cop-out, truly, children are different and sometimes it’s not predictable how they respond to certain stimuli.

I was fiddling around on the web and found a really neat infographic {if you read my last post you know I’m an infographic freak} to show you a pretty fair idea of what’s in store when you become a parent.  Enjoy! 
newborn survival kit



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