5 Ways to Brighten Your Day


Attitude check. – I  remember having major attitude when I was younger.  It wasn’t until I saw how my poor attitude affected others that I really understood how contagious attitude can me.  It’s important to remember not to base our attitude on our circumstances.  Did you know that stress comes from how we respond to our circumstances and not that the circumstance itself. A bad attitude, anger, resentment, negativity all contribute to a shorter lifespan.  We don’t have time to deal with the problems that a bad attitude brings.

Stop complaining. – Have you ever stopped to think about what it is we actually complain about?  Many times our complaints would be blessings to others.  We complain about bills, but forget to be thankful for the things that created the bills.  We complain about our weight, but forget to be thankful that we’re not lacking food.  We complain about “nothing to wear”, but forget about those who actually have “nothing to wear”.  Stop thinking about what you have to do and be thankful for what you get to do.

Stop Worrying. –  More times than not, we spend time and energy worrying about situations that never occur.  The time we wasted worrying could have been spent being productive.  I’m not saying to overlook challenges that come your way, I’m saying don’t worry about them.  As much as possible, remove emotion from the situations and deal with the facts before you.

Change is necessary. – Change is the process of life itself. In fact, everything is changing every second of our lives. However good or bad the situation is now, it will change. That’s one thing you can count on. So never assume that you’re stuck with the way things are. Life changes, and so can you. Take a breath of fresh air. The past is long gone. Focus on what you can do, not on what you could have or should have done.

Be productive not busy. –  Don’t confuse motion and progress. I love the saying, “a rocking chair keeps moving but never makes any forward progress” because it is such a great metaphor for those of us who struggle from time to time with being productive.  Even when our attempts turn into what feel like failures, these failures are productive because we know what not to do the second time around.



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