MOMMY 101: Giving in to Flats


I’m of the belief that flats are for quitters. At least I was, till oh about my 6th month of my first pregnancy. Now my motto is flats are a gift from heaven and made specifically for pregnant women.

For Christmas I got a couple of gift cards one of which was for the happiest place on earth…DSW.  I haven’t made it to DSW yet, but I’ve been doing my homework.  If you work them right, flats can be the focal point of your outfit.  Feast your eyes on these beauties and all reasonably priced under $100.



3 thoughts on “MOMMY 101: Giving in to Flats

  1. I love wearing flats. I can’t wear heels while trying to keep up with my kids on a daily basis, so I have lots of flat shoes, I can’t even remember the last time I wore heels.

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