I’d Rather Be…

fashion-food-pinterestfashion-food-pinterestfashion-food-pinterestfashion-food-pinterestfashion-food-pinterestfashion-food-pinterestshoes | skirt | shirt | belt | lip

The truth is, I’d rather be eating…pizza, to be exact.  I set out to create a post about something entirely different and then that wicked Pinterest got the best of me.  I mean, all I did was type in “P” and I was attacked by a deluge of visual pizza abuse and before I knew it I was in pizza heaven.  And now, my mind is a blur my thoughts are of mozzarella and cherry tomatoes and the world won’t be right until I get some pizza.

I’m linking up this pencil skirt look with the #StyleWERKshop Link-Up.  Join us!

style werkshop



17 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be…

  1. You look great! I really love how you styled that shirt in that way. I usually have to get bigger shirts this seems like a great way to dress them.

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