Sears & Kmart: Look for Less

Look For Less
{click below to shop this look}
Check out Eva Longoria looking all…Eva Longoria-ish.  Eva is one of those celebs who you know will always get it right.  In the collage above she’s in black from head to toe, which is a really classy and easy look to mimic and I found some items that will allow you to copy the look at a fraction of what Eva paid.
I don’t know if you’ve been by Sears or Kmart lately but if you haven’t, you should know that they have really stepped their fashion game up.  I  live right by a Sears so I like to stop in and catch their sales.  Although, I don’t live super close to a Kmart, God blessed us with the internet so you know I’m popping in an out online.
Being a mom of three, I’m super conscious {borderline neurotic} about my spending especially when I’m buying stuff for myself.  This look, however, is totally guilt-free.  Of the six items I found, none are over $45!  Believe it people!
Pop on over to Sears and Kmart and see what gems you find!

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