Just 30 Minutes


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Have you ever been convicted by your own guilty conscious?  Maybe you just ate a whole cake instead of the slice that you had intended… and now you feel convicted to go to the gym.  Or maybe you just told somebody off (in your head of course) for holding up the line only to realize the person holding up the line was someone’s 97 year old vision impaired grandma, alone,  trying to decipher her $100 bill from her $1… and now you feel compelled to pay for the medication she’s purchasing.

This weekend I was convicted.  All of last week, I was rushing to scoot the kids out the door to get to school on time and I know once or twice I wasn’t too pleasant.  I got a call from my mom last night and through the course of our brief conversation about putting Thermos’ in the kids’ school lunch versus microwavable Tupperware containers, I realized that life would be a whole lot easier if I gave myself just 30 minutes more.  Sure I’d rather nestle a little longer in those warm bed sheets (with Jaxon’s knee in my thigh and Julia’s head in my neck) but this morning I found that those 30 extra minutes spent half asleep,  don’t make quite as big of a difference as I tell myself they do.  In fact, they just prolong the dread of dragging out of bed.  I’m a morning person, can’t you tell {insert sarcasm}.

This morning, rather than slapping my alarm clock in it’s imaginary face, I got up, jumped in the shower and began my day.  Every step of the way, I realized I had a couple more minutes than normal.  I had a couple more minutes to form a good lather in the shower.  I had a couple more minutes to find matching socks.  I had a couple more minutes to give my husband a proper “good morning”, rather that the usual grunt.  I had a couple more minutes to soothe the kids awake rather than rattling them out of their sleep, with my sweet angelic “up, Up, UP!”

It felt good leaving the house early for a change.  Julia led us in prayer and, strangely, not every light was red and not every driver was having a contest to see how many times they could cut me off and slam on the brakes.  Well, at least I didn’t notice it.  It was beautiful.  The mini’s and I walked Jaxon to class and hung out with his friends for a few minutes instead of sneaking him through the back door seconds before the bell rings.  I was able to meet Julia’s teacher earlier than our scheduled time for our parent conference.  Other than trying to control the other kids in the class by showing them how to do their work,  Julia’s a ROCKSTAR!  Jayde’s drop off was a breeze as always.  I even had a couple more minutes to stop and say hello to parents as I passed them in the walkways.  It was a good day and all because I got up earlier.  Not whole lot earlier but just 30 minutes.

What time-saving life hacks do you have?

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23 thoughts on “Just 30 Minutes

  1. I know exactly what you mean but it’s so hard sometimes to give myself those extra thirty minutes. I need to do better that extra times makes my day go so smooth.

  2. I’ve noticed that I am most productive when I focus on item off of my to-do list, as opposed to mentally attacking them all at once. I’ve learned that there is a difference between productive multi-tasking and non productive. Some things just require our full focus, complete attention, and our whole heart.

  3. When I do get up in a timely fashion, it helps for me to focus on one task at time and not try to mentally attack the rest of my checklist. I feel better about completing each step with my full attention. I learned that their is a difference between productive multi-tasking and non productive. Some things require our full attention, complete thoughts, and whole heart! Those are things I have to do one at a time.


  4. I’m not a morning person either. But I really feel that you’re on to something there…. getting up earlier than your normal time makes a huge difference and just the 30 minutes is going to be good for me. I find myself so rushed when I get up an hour before I have to get ready to go somewhere. Makes me a grouch!!! Lol! I’m going to try that tomorrow, got appointments to make. Thanks Leslie. 🙂

      1. On Tuesday, the neighbor’s gardener decided to come earlier than usual. I got up at 6am for no reason, then couldn’t go back to sleep until at least 9:30 as I had plan to, because of the gardener, so that I can try getting up 30 minutes earlier… oh well. I did however tried it on Wednesday and it so was worthy it. I didn’t feel rushed at all too my time to get ready and got to my appointment 50 minutes early, so I stop at McDonalds and got breakfast. I haven’t been there for breakfast in over a year. Thanks again for this Leslie. My goal is to keep doing it so that it becomes a routine for me. Don’t want to be rushing and feeling overwhelm before I get where I need to. And yes, it makes things is your day much clearer. And you have time to spare for unexpected delays, emergencies or change of plans that may occur. 🙂

  5. I just ate an entire box of chocolates and I don’t feel convicted to do a single thing.(lol) I’ve been getting up earlier and have noticed that I have so many more hours of daylight left. I’m getting a lot more done.

  6. I love this post! How ironic it is. I suffer the same thing Les. I notice that when I get my tail up on time, I’m less grumpy and I have a also have a couple minutes to spare. But I must admit, the thought of staying in the covers some mornings is so, so tempting! Cute outfit Les.

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