4 Things Holding You Back


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I’m learning that this life away from a 9 to 5 takes a great deal of discipline.  I’m also learning that my plans don’t always pan out the way I envisioned they would BUT, the most important thing I’ve learned so far is that when it comes to being successful, the only way to get there is to put one foot in front of the other and take it a day at a time.

When I think about some of the things that impede progress, it all boils down to these five things…at least that’s what I’ve learned so far.

Taking the Good with the Bad – It’s totally easier said than done, but accepting the mistakes along with the victories is a huge sign of maturity when it comes to the road of success.  There is so much that can be learned from our mistakes regardless of how big or how small they are.  The key is to look for the lesson in every situation and figure out how to apply it to your life in a way that will positively impact your future decisions.

You’re Distracted – Distractions are all around us.  Being at home, there are far more distractions than I realized when I was working.  When I’m home, I’m continuously fighting a battle of “what to do next”.  I attempt to be as strategic as possible when it comes to my work time, but when I sit down to focus, there’s always something nagging me.  Should I mop the floors or finish editing a post?  Take the clothes to the cleaners or work on my fashion column.  Set out my clothes for tomorrow or rearrange the furniture?  There’s always a choice to make but I know that anytime there’s something difficult we want to achieve connects of a deeper level within us, we do whatever it takes to make it possible and in the end, it’s the things that are genuinely important to us that remain.

Expectations – Constantly seeking needless expectations has a way of sapping our joy and thankfulness.  Learning to appreciating what is, regardless of how empty or full the glass is, is imperative in order to live a satisfied life.  Being positive is a choice just as much as choosing what to wear is and being positive is a direct correlation to how you think about yourself and things around you.  Nothing ever works out exactly the way we expect it to which means we need to appreciate reality rather than trying to fight it.  And even if things don’t quite work out, it’s all worth it if it helps you to learn something new.

Less Thinking, More Acting – I’m a thinker.  I’ve never been one to take risks.  I laugh at myself because I have all my brilliant ideas when I’m in the shower…with no where to write them down.  I’m sure many of us are like that though, we have brilliant ideas in the shower and may even remember them when we exit the shower, but how often do we put our metaphorical money where our mouth is?  Avoiding challenges only makes them grow bigger.

What are some of the lessons you’ve learned?

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15 thoughts on “4 Things Holding You Back

  1. Loved this…because these things are so true! I’ve learned the hard way that you MUST have discipline, balance, plan and follow through (and up) with everything. Thanks for sharing this. Made me exhale a bit.

  2. Great points Leslie! You too?! I ALWAYS get awesome ideas or writing quips when I’m AWAY from a pen/pad or my computer…ughh! 🙂 Sometimes I wish I could telepathically write it down regardless of where I was, lol! So true, staying at home doesn’t mean you have more time. Our youngest is a senior in high school and of course my responsibilities for our kids are all but obsolete now, BUT I still find myself running out of time. 🙂

  3. I swear sometimes I need to be strapped to my desk with no internet connection in order ot get stuff done. Distractions are real and big for me. At the bottom of it all I am just scared…yep SCARED that all the beautiful plans I am making and steps I am taking will actually happened an then I’ll wake up and have to show up again and again to sustain it. I know, crazy huh. Thanks for sharing this sis!

  4. A huge lesson I have learned is you can’t change people. People have to change on their own. They have to see the potential in themselves whether what you see in them. I’m a strategic person but spontaneous as well and although I may have an idea and can move at a fast pace I can’t expect others to be there with me. Everyone cannot adapt to change and I have excepted that while also knowing change can be good!

  5. Leslie. You nailed this one. I was having a conversation with my husband about this today. I am my own worst enemy when you break it down like that. I am just as much afraid of my success as I am of my failure. I need to learn how to take a chance on myself. Just for once. I am always playing it safe.

  6. All these things are true. That’s why it’s always good to use a planner and have things that you need or want to take care of during the hours when the kids are in school. I have learned to do this over the years.

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