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Remember that movie, Blood Diamond, with Leonardo DiCaprio?  If you didn’t see it, it was a political thriller about diamonds mined in African war zones.  If you didn’t know, October was Fair Trade Month, so while I’m late it’s never to late to introduce you to a business with a good cause.  Meet Fairmined Gold by Brilliant Earth.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because this hit close to home.  Currently, Brilliant Earth sources their Fairmined gold from two co-ops in Sotrami, Aurelsa and Peru.  My mother is Peruvian and when I looked at the Brilliant Earth website the miners look like my mom.  Sorry to get sentimental, but it just made this whole issue more personal for me.

Fairmined certified gold originates from small-scale mining cooperatives and is independently certified under the official Fairmined standard. This standard makes a tangible impact in miners’ lives by promoting fair wages, improving working conditions, and providing economic development in their local communities. Under this standard, miners are also responsible for reducing the environmental impact of their mining.

I hope you’ll take a look at the website and learn more about this great organization.


2 thoughts on “Gold

  1. I understand were you’re coming from Leslie, its a shame that some who put the lives of people in jeopardy just for some “blink” that were are doing to leave in the world after with die! I’m all for conflict free jewelry.

    Blood Diamond is about my country, Sierra Leone and my mom use to live in Liberia, look family members during that civil war over diamonds! Getting sentimental too. So, I truly understand how this hits home for you. We can both relate to the miner in these countries. 😦 Its so much going on in the world that just breaks your heart, when you hear stories like this and see how some really value golds and diamonds over the safety, livelihood and lives of those working extremely hard to get these things. Things that make you go hmmm…

    1. Goodness! There are members from my church that are also from Sierra Leone. I’m sure this hits home for them as well. It truly is sad. It makes you realize even more how we need to pray for those in power, that they will be led by God and not greed. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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