Why Didn’t I Think of That! {GlamST Review}

When it comes to make-up I don’t have a clue  I have NO IDEA AT ALL how to apply, what to apply or even where to apply makeup.  The limited knowledge I have is thanks to the random YouTube videos I’ve watched out of desperation.  This is me, I walk into CVS {yes, CVS…don’t judge} and stroll over to the cosmetics aisle.  I look for the pictures of Queen Latifah which I think is Cover Girl and I look for Halle BerryRevlon.  Whatever product the picture says she’s wearing is what I look to buy.  if it’s something I can open, I test it on the back of my hand {shhh…}.  Don’t ask me about toner, or concealer or moisturizer or any of that because I have no clue.  I don’t use foundation, but I use concealer, which I’m sure is only supposed to be to cover minor imperfections.  For me, it’s a multi-purpose makeup.  Yes, I’ve even used it on my lips, just once.  I’m getting better.  I just wish there was a way to test the makeup out before buying it, without having to sit at the MAC counter for a full-on facial.  Let me knew when they give out an extra 3 hours to the 24-hour day and I’ll be the first in-line at the MAC counter.  LOL


Then I met GlamST.  It’s an app coming to the scene soon.  It allows you to actually see how makeup looks on you before you buy it, but when I actually saw it, I was impressed.  Take a look at how cool this app looks.

Here you see the before and after. To the right are the products this user tried and if she clicks on them she can find out more about purchasing.
On the right you have the option to save the details of your look so that you can refer to it later.
Here is where you would upload a picture of yourself so that you can begin testing products. There is also an option to see the color palettes others have selected with the products you choose.
You get to test the latest products from the top brands. And it’s free!

This app is so brilliant, even I can do it.  It just makes total sense that rather than smearing lipstick on the back of my hand that I just whip out my phone from the comfort of my bed or wherever I may be and find the products that I know will work for me.  I’m can even go as far as to say that I’d be willing to invest in my purchases if I knew I’d love them.

How do you shop for new beauty products?

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9 thoughts on “Why Didn’t I Think of That! {GlamST Review}

  1. I’m like you Les. I know nothing about applying all that stuff. For my high school my mom had my hairstylist do it, didn’t like it wiped most of it off when I got home, just added some lipstick that my mom bought me, nice color brown. Over the years I have just put some eyeshadow and lip gloss, mostly in earth tone, golden color. I haven’t done that since July of 2012 for a wedding. I will play around with this app, just to see, but I’m not a huge fan of make up, especially since the ones I call myself trying broke my skin out. Love lip glosses.

    @ Marlise, for real? Good to know. 🙂 I have been thinking of trying the the Queen and RiRI collection, but didn’t want to waste $$ on it.

  2. Just an FYI… You can return your makeup at CVS if you don’t like it. You have three months (I believe) and you just need your receipt! 😉

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